Skagen Watches Quick Facts

Skagen watches
Modern and stylish, Skagen watches are simple timepieces that can take you from day to night. Skagen watches aim to provide an affordable alternative to expensive luxury watches, but that doesn't mean you'll miss out on quality design features. If you're considering adding a little bit of accessible opulence to your jewelry wardrobe with men's and women's Skagen watches, keep reading to learn a few Skagen watches quick facts first.

Skagen watches

Facts about Skagen Watches:

Skagen was founded in 1989.

Husband-and-wife team Henrik and Charlotte Jorst wanted to start a watch company that would fill a void missing in the competitive industry. Although it is a relatively new brand, Skagen watches has made a name for itself by producing quality watches that have cutting-edge design and are still affordable.

The founders of Skagen watches hail from Denmark.

Although the Jorsts moved to the United States from Denmark to pursue their dream, Skagen watches are still considered Danish timepieces. Made with patented Swiss movements, Skagen watches use the same durable materials and precise mechanics found on much more expensive European watches. Soon after establishing a brand, Skagen watches added accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to their repertoire.

Skagen watches are named after a village.

The beach town of Skagen has supplied endless inspiration for the elegant design features seen on many Skagen watches. The purity of the sea and unique surrounding seascape is echoed through sleek brown leather straps and gleaming gems.

Skagen has won several design awards for its watches.

In 2010, Skagen watches won two prestigious Red Dot awards for their distinguished designs. Personally designed by the Jorsts, the 233 model stainless steel watches and Swiss Movement 585 Series watches were recognized for design quality by a jury consisting of top-class experts.

Today Skagen watches are sold in over 60 countries.

In just over two decades, the Skagen brand has managed to expand rapidly across the globe. The Skagen watch line has several styles of men’s watches and women’s watches that feature everything from stainless steel bands to minimalistic black faces. You can now find these everyday works of art in department stores and online retailers nationwide.