Shower Curtain Buying Guide

Shower Curtain Buying Guide

Shower curtains are an essential element to any bathroom with a tub or shower stall. Whether you wish to update the look of your decor or simply want something reliable to repel moisture and also keep water off your bathroom tile, the ideal shower curtain should be both functional and attractive. This guide will help you narrow down your options so you can choose a curtain that suits your particular needs.

Cotton Shower Curtains

Cotton shower curtains are often a top choice when it comes to bathroom decor, as the fabric is easy to maintain and adds a soft, dressy accent to your space. While cotton is more prone to absorbing moisture, pairing your cotton shower curtain with a vinyl or polyester lining and machine-washing regularly will help keep mold and mildew at bay. Available in many styles and colors that include solid colors, fresh floral patterns, and stripes, among others, cotton shower curtains are easy to coordinate with a variety of bathroom design schemes, ranging from casual to modern.

Decorative Shower Curtains

Decorative shower curtains are a great option if you tend to use the bathtub more frequently than the shower, or if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your guest bathroom. Decorative shower curtains are typically designed with high-quality fabrics, such as faux silk or rayon, and feature hand-stitched embellishments, intricate patterns, lace borders, and more. Don’t let the name fool you, though; these curtains are fully functional when paired with water-repelling liners, so don’t shy away from hanging one in your high-traffic family bathroom to add a touch of elegance and beauty.

Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless shower curtains are the perfect choice for modern-styled bathrooms with ceiling-track curtain rods. Designed with built-in grommets, hookless curtains slip easily over shower curtain rods for a seamless look, while eliminating the need for additional curtain rings. These contemporary curtains are available in a variety of fun patterns and colors, and many hookless shower curtain designs include built-in liners for added convenience.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

If low maintenance is what you’re looking for in a shower curtain, vinyl is an ideal option. Synthetic vinyl naturally repels moisture, and the multiple color, pattern, and design options make it easy to coordinate these easy-to-clean curtains with your bath towels, bath mats, and other bathroom decor items. While liners aren’t necessary for vinyl or other synthetic curtain types, such as nylon or polyester, pairing your curtain with a liner adds privacy and helps keep the water inside the shower area.
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Microfiber Shower Curtains

Microfiber shower curtains provide a soft-to-the-touch alternative to plastic curtains and work well to wick away moisture as you shower. Residual wetness evaporates quickly, so mold and mildew don’t stand a chance when these curtains are hung in a well-ventilated bathroom. Microfiber shower curtains, especially when fitted with magnetic weights, are also heavier in consistency than other shower curtain fabrics, which allows for stability when the water pressure is heavy or your heat vent or bathroom fan blows out air. Best of all, these curtains are machine washable, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Extra-Wide Shower Curtains

If you’ve got an L-shaped shower curtain rod or a rectangular rod that hangs over the bathtub from the ceiling, an extra-wide shower curtain offers additional coverage around the tub, so you don’t have to worry about wet floors or squishy bath mats. When using a non-synthetic shower curtain material, such as cotton or linen, be sure to pair it with an extra-wide shower curtain liner to prevent excessive moisture.