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Shopping for Gifts: What Virgos Want



Take the mystery out of gift shopping by looking up the recipient's zodiac sign. Whether she is a close friend or a new acquaintance, her sign can give you hints about her personality, making choosing a great gift a lot easier. Virgos have a birthday between August 23 and September 22. Methodical, tactful, and intuitive, the Virgo in your life will appreciate one of these presents.

Gifts for Virgos:

  1. Patient: The Virgo you know probably possesses a lot of patience, which is likely why she's such a great crafter. Working hard to make sure everything is just right, she might have an impressive scrapbook collection, quilting hobby, or gift-wrapping room. Look to crafts and sewing to find her something for her next project.

  2. Witty: Virgos are intelligent and appreciate comedy and wit. If he's often found reading a satirical magazine or laughing at an independent comedy, then play to his interests with a book by his favorite comedian or a sharp-witted comedy television series on DVD.

  3. Trendsetting: Though many Virgos are quiet and reserved, they find that they love to express themselves through fashion. Constructing a fantastic and one-of-a-kind outfit is probably one of her creative outlets. Eye-catching accessories like brightly colored scarves, animal-print handbags, and edgy platform pumps are fun and striking gifts.

  4. Organized: Virgos are at peace when everything is in its place. Whether he keeps his home in pristine condition or his office alphabetized, he certainly won't turn down sleek storage units, leather-bound notebooks, or car organization accessories.

  5. Reliable: If she's mortified to be late to dinner, then she's exhibiting the common Virgo trait of reliability. Support her need to be dependable by giving her a fantastic new watch. Beautiful luxury watches are impressive and feature a practical application that Virgos crave.

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