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Shopping for Gifts: What Leos Want



When the right gift is important, but eludes you, consider the recipient's astrological sign. Leos are born between July 23 and August 22. Independent and ambitious, Leos go after what they want with tenacity, but you can still impress and surprise them with the perfect gift. Consider these options, grouped by personality type.

Gifts for Leos:

  1. Creative: Leos are known for being creative, and often that creativity is spontaneous and unexpected. Journals are perfect for writing poetry on the bus or designing an outfit in the middle of the night, and leather-bound diaries and notebooks make impressive gifts. Art kits, digital scrapbooking software, and cookbooks can also inspire and impress a creative Leo.

  2. Extroverted: Leos enjoy an active social life, whether in tight-knit groups of friends or large gatherings of acquaintances. If the Leo you know often finds herself throwing parties, then hostess supplies are perfect gifts. Barware, cookware, and bakeware make it easy for her to throw events and sit-down dinners. Choose from saute pans, ramekins, and stylish coasters. If she prefers to order out, then search for decorative serving trays, sleek vases, and stylish wine racks.

  3. Ambitious: The Leo you know is likely to get what he wants through sheer will. Whether he's career-focused, a driven musician, or passionate about home improvement, you can support his ambitious nature with the right gifts. Professional gifts like leather-bound organizers, sleek desk clocks, and fine writing pens are perfect for the Leo who's climbing the corporate ladder. Use his interests as a guide to find the best gifts.

  4. Appreciative of luxury: A bit of indulgence goes a long way with Leos. Designer watches, diamond jewelry, and leather accessories make very impressive gifts. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a notable present. Faux fur throws, high thread count sheets, trendy sunglasses, sterling silver charms, and brand-name perfumes are thoughtful and impactful.

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