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Shawna Edwards specializes in content about jewelry, watches, holidays, and travel. She has been creating online content since 2007.

Guides by Shawna Edwards:

  1. January Birthstone Information The birthstones for January symbolize health, emotional strength, wealth, and even love. Garnet and rose quartz are beautiful gems you'll want in your jewelry collection, whether or not you believe they have healing properties.

  2. Anniversary Gemstones At-a-Glance Gemstones have long been thought to bring a person luck. On your anniversary, they're also a great way to show the special person in your life how much you care.

  3. Birthstone Buying Guide A charming birthstone ring or necklace is often the first piece of nice jewelry a little girl receives, and the allure of a gemstone that celebrates her birthday stays with her throughout the years.

  4. An Introduction to Lab-Created Gemstones If you've been shopping for gemstone jewelry, then you may have seen some gems labeled as lab-created or synthetic. These jewels were manufactured in a laboratory instead of forming naturally in the earth.

  5. FAQs about Wedding Registries One of the most exciting aspects of any wedding is receiving gifts and well wishes from your friends and family. Wedding registries offer an easy way to organize a wish list and are indispensable to many couples.

  6. What's Your Diet Personality? Everyone benefits from good fitness and nutrition, but not everyone needs to follow the same path to better health. Before you begin the latest fad diet or pull on your running shoes, learn more about your diet personality and the small long-term changes that will help you improve your eating habits and exercise.

  7. Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Woodstock Do you remember Woodstock? No? Maybe the details are a bit hazy, or maybe you weren't around to make memories, but this iconic event deserves to be celebrated, even more than forty years after the last barefoot hippy wandered home.

  8. Celebrate Women's History Month March is Women's History Month -- a time to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of smart, brave, and inspirational women. Learn about important women who made a difference in the past, and follow their examples by becoming more active in your own neighborhood.

  9. How to Survive Holiday Travel How do you cope with the stress of holiday travel? You know the scene: The airport is running at maximum capacity, and your family didn't get enough sleep last night due to all the holiday excitement.

  10. Black Diamond Buying Guide Black diamonds have become an increasingly popular design element in diamond jewelry. For a long time, fashion preferred the monochromatic look of white diamonds set in white gold.

  11. Gemstone Jewelry Buying Guide Gemstone jewelry can be casual, like a birthstone ring worn every day, or extravagant, like a ruby and diamond necklace saved for special occasions.

  12. How to Dress for an Interview: Men's Edition First impressions matter! The clothes you wear to an interview can help you prove that you are professional and serious but also sharp enough to keep up with fashion.

  13. Top Gems for Gemstone Therapy Gemstone therapy promotes the idea that the energy of gemstones affects the human body in different ways, depending on which gemstone is used. According to this therapy, the human body is a form of energy, as are gemstones.

  14. Tipping During the Holiday Season The holiday season is the best time to acknowledge the excellent skills and service of all those people who make our lives a little easier and a little better throughout the year.

  15. Chinese New Year Checklist Chinese New Year is one of the most widely observed holidays, celebrated in Chinese communities across the world. Here are a few customs to observe for this joyous holiday.

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Updated February 17, 2015