Shabby Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic is a decor style that uses aged furniture and other items to create a vintage look within the home. Worn around the edges or gently broken in, Shabby Chic is the perfect balance between luxury and lived-in. Frills and ruffles lend to a comfortable and soft space. Distressed furniture and vintage home decor bring intimacy to luxurious spaces, cozy up a large room, and utilize the nooks and crannies in your home.

A soft color palettte of shabby chic colors

Shabby Chic Colors

From taupe to mint green, a Shabby Chic color palette can include white, pastels, and creams. Start with a favorite neutral and work in rose quartz tones and muted greens to get a true Shabby Chic look. Add flair with pops of teal and turquoise or bold pinks and reds.

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas in 3 Easy Steps

Shabby Chic Style Elements

A set of Shabby Chic burlap boxes


For all of Shabby Chic’s soft and billowing textiles, there is the organic and natural roughness of burlap to balance the look. This coarse textile is popular because it adds edge and texture to pretty places.

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A Shabby Chic White Washed Dresser

White Wash Wood

In place of perfectly polished furniture, Shabby Chic embraces whitewash and layered, chipped paint. Texture and age are celebrated as a sign of well-loved furniture.

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A lace Shabby Chic throw pillow


Lace is dainty and delicate, making it a breezy companion to cottons and muslin cloth. From curtains to table runners, lace has always been a classic element of Shabby Chic.

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Shabby Chic Metal Home Decor


Tin and aluminum work best in a Shabby Chic environment when there’s some wear and tear. Painted, sanded, and distressed metals create old-fashioned country charm.

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Shabby Chic Patterns

A Shabby Chic floral print area rug


Giving the feel of an English Cottage, peonies and tea roses bloom across faded backgrounds. Unmistakably prim and ladylike, these tiny blossoms can be incorporated into Shabby Chic interiors with a light hand to draw attention to the details.

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A paisley Shabby Chic area rug


Even though this pattern has origins in Moroccan decor, pastel paisleys make a delicate and interesting addition to any Shabby Chic room. Paisley offers intricacy to an otherwise simple room.

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A soft blue stripe Shabby Chic area rug


Simple stripes lead the eye through your space to give the illusion of tall ceilings or a bigger room. For a toned-down Shabby Chic design, stripes can be light and neutral.

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shabby chic damask pattern area rug


Reminiscent of the Renaissance, damask is back in lavish patterns with leaves, flowers, and feathers. This detailed fabric is unique because it comes in a huge assortment of colors and styles to help you take the chic up a notch.

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