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Scandi Living Room

Scandi Living Room

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


Overstock Stylist Noelle Misewicz discusses her favorite room she designed in 2022, a warm Scandinavian living room. As she reviews her Danish furniture and decor choices, she shares a few tips for creating a Scandi chic space.

Soothing Palette

Scandinavian design embodies a color palette that I am heavily drawn to. It’s both warm and cold in a way that feels soothing and comfortable, which inherently combines desert beauty into a livable space. Mimicking a form of environmental familiarity, the plaster wall is unique and subtle, creating a lot of depth and movement to this Scandi style living room. Seeing how well the light plays off those textures, I wanted to evoke the same impression through my use of Scandinavian furniture.

Inviting Texture

When working with a lot of natural woods, a Scandinavian style living room can start to look like a sea of beige. A good way to make this appear intentional is by playing with textures. Integrating woven elements, various fabrics, and irregular shapes will give enough interest to break up a monochromatic palette. I love the cane backing on the chairs I added to this room because it helps catch the light in a unique way while still retaining an open, inviting feeling.


I decided to balance the off-centered chair placement by using greenery. Plants not only bring life into a Scandinavian living room design but they’re also a great substitution for artwork or for filling dead spaces. When deciding which plants to use, it’s easiest to evaluate the style of the room. For this rustic, warm Scandinavian living room, cactus felt like the obvious choice. In Native American culture, cactus represents durability. They’re able to survive in harsh conditions which can be a great reminder to remain strong in trying times. I love being able to create a space that can double as a conscious reminder to live with intention.


This Scandinavian interior was all about balance for me. My inspiration was Joshua Tree and Death Valley, so I wanted the color palette to remain simple and subtle to let the furniture do the talking. Scandi design is all about purposeful functionality, leaving the occupant to enjoy the aesthetic uninhibited by excess clutter. My objective was to trigger a pleasing and relaxing response.

Organic Shapes

We’re psychologically drawn to irregular shapes and rounded edges. This is because it allows the brain to feel comforted and stimulated, whereas harsh angles can subconsciously instill danger or fear. This is what makes Scandinavian interior design so appealing — it’s heavily focused on mirroring elements that were naturally created. The minimalism and simplicity of it is what we all strive to have in a world of chaos.