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Scandinavian Decor Ideas

If you love nature, modern design, and an uncluttered space, then you’ll love these Scandinavian decor ideas. A Scandinavian design echoes the influence of modern style and ties in natural elements to convey the luxurious feel of an Icelandic getaway. This take on minimalist style originated in Nordic countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in the 1930s, but didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 1950s. Today’s Scandinavian interior design uses neutral tones, wood, modern furniture, and bold metal accents to create a striking look that is more popular than ever.

Scandinavian decor ideas color palette

Color Palette

A Scandinavian palette is soft and reserved. Neutral shades amplify the effect of natural light, brightening your space without drawing too much attention. If you crave a more colorful environment, then stick with soft or pastel blues, tans, and pinks that let the spotlight fall on your furniture and decor.

Scandinavian Decorating Essentials

Scandinavian decor ideas wood furniture

Wood Furniture

Incorporating wood furniture wherever possible is one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in. Light woods like maple, pine, oak, and teak really show off the natural wood grain and work well with a Scandinavian palette. Wooden sofa legs, sitting chairs, and tables are great ways to incorporate this must-have element.

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Scandinavian decor ideas faux fur

Faux Fur

Using faux fur accents is a perfect way to add some coziness to your space. Along with comfort, faux fur throw pillows and area rugs bring texture and warmth into an otherwise clean and minimalist environment.

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copper gooseneck lamp scandinavian decor ideas

Copper Accents

The shine of new copper can be a bright, eye-catching accent in an otherwise neutral room. Lighting fixtures and small decor items like vases or kettles can subtly introduce this brassy metal into your design scheme. Real copper gains a rustic-looking patina over time, which simply lends a more classic feel to the Nordic ambiance.

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Modern Art scandinavian decor ideas

Modern Art

Because Scandinavian design is a close relative of Modern design, Modern art is a welcome wall decoration. Black and white photography, ink drawings, and charcoal works are a good place to start. Monochromatic pieces really stand out in a Scandinavian space. If you crave color, make sure to match the artwork to the accent color of the room.

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