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Saving Space with Garage Organizers

by Paul Sanders

Garage organizer hanging on a wall

When your garage starts to look a little bit cluttered, it may be time to put a new garage organization system into action. With a few garage storage ideas, like storage shelving and garage cabinets, you can put the space you have to better use. Here are a few ideas for using garage organizers in your home to create a more efficient storage plan:

Using Garage Organizers:

  1. Move items to the walls: A lot of vertical wall space in your garage may be going unused. Pegboard is a great, inexpensive garage organizer. Install pegboard on one wall or over a workbench for hanging tools, toys and equipment. This will also give you a chance to organize your tool storage, giving everything its own place:

  2. Separate and organize tools: Power tools, yard-care items and hand tools can all be organized into more compact garage organizers. Tool cabinets and storage organizers with multiple drawers and compartments can help you organize washers, screws, nails and other workbench items. Having them labeled and stored in dedicated garage organizers gives you just one place to look for all your tools and accessories:

  3. Install storage shelving: Some large items just won't fit in cabinets and other garage organizers. Create a custom space for the big stuff with storage shelving. Vary the distance between shelves to give you enough storage and organization space to efficiently handle boxes and garage organizers of different sizes:

  4. Use compact garage cabinets: Some garage organizers are built to make the optimal use of every inch of space. If you have a lot of one item, like shoes for instance, find a garage cabinet designed specifically with shoes in mind. Dedicated garage organizers will handle disorganized spots with a minimal footprint:

  5. Make use of hooks and pegs: You can utilize even more of your available vertical space by installing heavy-duty hooks and pegs on ceiling beams. You'll have to be cautious about the weight load that you apply to these garage organizer tools, but you'll free up a lot of floor space by hanging up bicycles, ladders and other bulky items:

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