Rustic Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Rustic Thanksgiving Decor

Rustic Thanksgiving puts a cabin twist on a classic holiday celebration. Earthy elements like twigs, berries, wicker, and pinecones come together to create a cozy space that exudes a woodsy ambiance. The earthy color palette is warmed up with accents of copper to keep the design celebratory.

Rustic Thanksgiving Color Palette

Rustic Thanksgiving Color Palette

A rustic Thanksgiving color palette draws inspiration from the seasonal elements of the holiday along with the earthy hues of rustic style. Look for tones that are both warm and natural like russet brown, linen, and burnt orange. Then tie in brighter shades of pumpkin and cranberry to energize the design.

Look for ways to use vivid colors with decorative accessories like berries, pine cones, table linens, and seat cushions. Then use metallic tones like copper and rose gold to add dimension to the color palette.

Rustic Thanksgiving Decor Essentials

Rustic Thanksgiving Decor Essentials

How to Decorate for a Rustic Thanksgiving

Set the stage for your rustic Thanksgiving celebration with cabin-inspired essentials that offer festive flair. Before planning the tablescape, consider outfitting your dining table with set of copper dining chairs. Then add simple table linens like a neutral beige table runner and colorful cloth napkins. Keep the centerpiece simple but on-theme with red berries and pine sprigs layered down the center of the table. Look for a unique candle holder like a wooden log or some birch pillar candles to enhance the woodsy ambiance.

When it comes to dinnerware, keep it casual but interesting. Heavy dishware with a woodgrain or distressed embellishment adds a charming touch to the table. Tie in warm metallic tones with copper mugs or copper-rimmed wine glasses. Flatware that features a yellow gold, copper, or rose gold finish adds a celebratory punctuation to the table.



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Rustic Thanksgiving decor ideas

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