Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic Style


Rustic style is influenced by the rugged, natural beauty of homespun rural living. This lodge-inspired theme features soothing earth tones, nature-inspired textures, and organic details that bring the essence of the outdoors inside. Take a note from elements in the wild to lend inspiration to your Rustic interior design. Soft leather furniture, woodsy decor, and layers of cozy throw blankets evoke the feeling of a quiet mountain cabin. This laidback style is a retreat from convention, defined by natural wood interiors, roughhewn finishes, and homey decor. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and settle into the warmth of an inviting rustic home. Read on for more tips and inspiration on Rustic style.

Rustic Color Palette

Rustic Colors

This rustic color palette mimics rocky terrain under a pale sky. Deep brown and taupe are present in decor and furniture, but the rest of the space is light and simple. Keep in mind that rustic decor doesn’t mean your walls must be beige — experiment with your favorite earthy neutrals, keeping window treatments light if things begin to feel weighed down.

Rustic Style Elements

Rustic cabin decor

Cabin Decor

The traditional rustic home pulls in primitive elements reminiscent of log cabins. Evoke the spirit of a woodland cabin with subtle wildlife or nature prints in graphic throw pillows and wall decor.

Rustic Western Decor

Western Decor

Give your home a frontier edge with rugged finishes and worn metal fastenings. A side table or coffee table with a reclaimed look turns rustic into Western chic.

Rustic Natural Decor

Natural Decor

Bring the outdoors in and embrace hardwood and natural light in your rustic design. Going natural seems like a broad concept, but we love the look of woodland details like a tree branch side table.

Rustic Southwest Decor

Southwest Decor

In the midst of all things earthy, colorful Southwestern accents can add some spice and design intrigue. Break up your space with tribal patterns in geometrics or Southwestern area rugs and throw pillows.

Rustic Materials

Rustic Jute


Jute rugs or accent pillows soften your rustic design. This natural fiber is both hardy and simple, and it offers rustic texture without being as rough as burlap.

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Rustic Metal


Worn, rusted, or galvanized metal in a rustic home creates grounded textures that subtly catch light. Metal accents are also opportunities to celebrate heritage items like galvanized pails, old store signs, and other collectibles.

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Rustic Leather


The warm, essential nature of leather creates inviting furniture that can live anywhere in your home. Choose distressed leather for a broken-in look.

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Rustic Natural Wood

Natural Wood

Since a nod to nature is an important part of rustic decor, embrace raw and natural wood. A rustic home lets lumber speak for itself, especially in hardwood floors, furniture, and accents. Use only minimal finishes and no paint.

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