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Rust Color Trend

Rust Color Trend

Rusty colors are emerging as your new go-to neutral in art, fashion, and interior design. While usually associated with a laid-back 1970s vibe, today’s rust aesthetic fits right in with romantic, refined, or sophisticated spaces, too. If you’re looking to update your home with modern warmth and energy, consider incorporating this spicy color trend with rust decor or statement-making rust color furniture

What Color Goes With Rust?

The color rust includes a range of hues that evoke the spirit of sunsets, copper canyons, and fall’s cinnamon and caramel flavors. With its reddish-orange-brown undertones, this rich neutral is a natural companion for other earthy shades such as sand or chocolate brown. However, a rust color palette also offers surprising flexibility when paired with pastels or jewel tones and when adding a pop blacks and whites.

What color matches rust? It all depends on the mood you’d like to create.

Rust and Green Color Scheme

Colors that go with rust red include shades of green on the opposite end of the color wheel. Rust reveals a softer side when paired with serene sage green and the simplicity of modern farmhouse decor. If vintage is more your vibe, combine rusty colors with shades of muted olive or deep forest. Natural elements such as potted green plants, herbs, and flowers make rust accent walls and accessories come to life for a look that’s urban-jungle chic and naturally inspiring for creative hobbies or working from home.

Rust and Gray Color Scheme

Versatile gray—one of the most popular colors in contemporary home design—is the perfect backdrop to create a new and exciting look with rust color combinations. For homes with gray painted walls or cabinetry, explore rust-colored poufs, rugs, or gallery-wrapped canvas to lend a calm and collected look. Because cool gray creates a stunning visual balance, try styling rust in open, multipurpose spaces that need to flex from playing on the floor with kids to hosting a wine dinner with friends.

Rust and Blue Color Scheme

A blue and rust color palette can be elegant and sophisticated or casual and cozy, depending on your favorite shade. Inky blues, including midnight navy, or jewel-toned royal, exude timeless luxury beside copper-finished sinks, faucets, and light fixtures in the kitchen or bath. Feminine strokes of lighter sea salt, Tiffany blue, or teal, on the other hand, create a more playful look when juxtaposed with down-to-earth rust. This ethereal rust color scheme can bring light to a lower level rec room or much-needed joy to mud room and laundry room tasks. Accomplish it with floral wallpapers, decorative tiles, or flowy rust red curtains and drapes.

Rust and Pink Color Scheme

Jump in on the Millennial pink color craze by adding rust color accents for a discerning edge. Both trendy colors share a red base, which creates a harmonious tone-on-tone dimension and universal appeal. For a romantic boho aesthetic, use blush pink as your base neutral on walls, then add rust color pillows, candles, and vases to draw interest around the room. For a brighter, bolder look, layer a mixture of monochromatic tones ranging from pastel pink and burnt coral to terracotta and burnt sienna using accent chairs, throws, and upholstered ottomans. This level of energetic lushness is going to spark conversation at your next book club or game night.

Decorating With Rust Colors

The rust color trend reflects a desire to be grounded and cozy, and it can make any room feel more inviting. The perfect spots to try this trend out include loungy, welcoming spaces such as the living room and bedroom.

To begin planning your new rust color decorating scheme, consider the 60-30-10 rule used by interior designers. Following this formula, 60% is the main color of your room—typically a neutral for broad areas such as walls, floors, and large furniture. The next 30% is a supportive secondary color, which could be your side tables, draperies, or table linens. The final 10% is an accent color. This fun moment can be pulled from a favorite piece of framed artwork or printed fabric in the room.

Rust Color Scheme Living Room

When decorating with rust colors in the living room, think about the mood and amount of lighting in your space. Will rich, resplendent rust be your 60, 30, or 10%? In larger rooms, this adaptable hue works as a broad neutral or bold accent, giving you plenty of leeway with your design.

If rust is going to be your main color, rust color paint and wallpaper create a show-stopping expanse of space. Add intrigue and drama by painting the whole room, or put the focus on a designated rust feature wall. If a plush, maximalist vibe is what you’re after, you might also center your living room around a rust-colored couch in leather or velvet. Really bring the rust trend home. Accentuate the warmth (and complement the red-orange tones) by pairing it with a faux cowhide rug, electric fireplace, and a weekend of football or bingeworthy TV.

Rust Bedroom Ideas

In bedrooms, use lighter rust tones as your secondary or accent color to revive and relax your space without overwhelming it. It only takes a few new elements to refresh a room. Think about luxurious rust color throw blankets, comfy earth-tone bolster pillows, and warm, copper-hued bedside lamps that invite you to unwind the day with yoga or an entry in your journal.

Pull the look together with approachable rust color bedspreads, comforters, and quilts that feel all at once effortless and refined. Paired with white bedsheets and window treatments and an antique rug, the rust color trend creates a dreamy yet grown-up bedroom aesthetic that’s authentically cozy and personal.