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Rolex men's stainless steel watch

Why is so excited to sell pre-owned Rolex watches? Well, we know our customers appreciate quality and love a good price. Read our FAQs about pre-owned Rolex watches and you'll agree that this is a buying opportunity not to be missed. And since has made Rolex a bit more affordable, we have some tips on accessorizing with these luxury Swiss timepieces.

It's Time to Accessorize with Rolex:

  1. You want your Rolex to make an impression. Any Rolex watch you buy will be impressive, but some have bolder styling than others. Color contrast makes items more noticeable, so a bracelet made of yellow gold and steel will be hard to miss -- as will a gold case paired with a blue or black dial. Special features, such as the 24-hour graduated bezel on the GMT-Master, often draw attention. Another way to showcase your stylish watch is to get one with a large case and dial. Look for a men's watch with a case width of at least 40 millimeters; the average is 36 millimeters. The case width for many Rolex women's watches is 26 millimeters, but some have widths of 31 or 36 millimeters.

  2. The classics define your style. A classic watch, like an elegant piece of jewelry, is handsome and noticeable, but it doesn't need to overwhelm the scene. A gold bracelet and case with a champagne-colored dial complements a business suit for work and dressier evening events; consider the Rolex President watches. You'll also get a sleek, sophisticated look with a white gold watch decorated with diamonds.

  3. You want a watch for the weekend, too. All Rolex watches are durable, but some are designed especially for leisure pursuits. The Yacht Master timepieces, as the name suggests, are meant to be worn during yacht races and sailing. If you want a watch to wear while snorkeling, choose a Submariner with a water-resistance rating of 100 ATM (1000 feet/300 meters). A stainless steel watch is a good choice if you prefer land-based excursions, such as movie and dinner dates. It's attractive enough for work, but complements casual wear, too.

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