Retirement Gift Ideas for Men and Women



You have to be quick on your feet to keep up with today's retirees. Most of them are out hiking, skiing, playing golf and tennis, taking classes, volunteering, and traveling. For the best retirement presents, look for something that caters to this active lifestyle and celebrates the exchange of work responsibilities for more pleasurable pursuits. These gift ideas should help you find the perfect gift.

Retirement Gift Ideas:

  1. Record fond memories: Create a personalized gift by gathering photos from friends and family of the person who is retiring into a scrapbook album. Make it a humorous gift by adding funny captions to the photos and including memorable anecdotes.

  2. Class act: Give the gift of learning something new. If the retiree has mentioned an interest in a special subject, find a book or instructional DVD on the subject. A DVD on golf techniques, a foreign language course on CD, or a book on photography could help the retiree get the most out of a new hobby.

  3. Home sweet home: When they retire, many people have more time and inclination to do things around the house, so consider their interests. These are practical gifts, but you can wrap them in a way that makes them fun. Give a gardener a new set of gardening tools tucked into a flower pot. A home chef new would appreciate kitchen gadgets wrapped up in a mixing bowl or a colander. For the classic car enthusiast, collect items for repairing and washing their car in a colorful bucket.

  4. Time to read: Buy a book or a magazine subscription that reflects the retiree's interests. Gourmets always welcome cooking magazines; history buffs will finally have time for a thorough volume on the Civil War. Other retirement gift ideas include books on retirement activities or adjusting to retirement. Humorous books are the perfect funny gifts to create a lighthearted mood.

  5. Out of here: Many retirees plan to take a few special vacations now that they have the time. A new set of luggage or some helpful travel accessories will help them enjoy the journey even more. Make a mental note of the places they've been talking about going to and look for gifts that would make that specific trip better. A leather passport cover would be lovely for someone traveling internationally, while someone who is going to visit several national parks might love a packable camping chair.

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