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Regencycore: Get the Bridgerton Aesthetic

Regencycore: Get the Bridgerton Aesthetic

Celebrating a time when swooning was an art, and high society partied at extravagant balls, the period drama series Bridgerton is reawakening our love of historic glamor. With audiences savoring this lavish aesthetic, Regency style is finding its way back into modern interiors.  Find out how to embrace the splendor of Regencycore and add a splash of period fabulousness to your own home.

What Is Regencycore?

Regencycore style describes the design preferences of the English Regency era and includes elements such as French furniture, fine porcelain, decorative arts, and luscious patterns and textures. This style is resonating widely in a post-lockdown world. After spending more time at home than ever before, people are ready to celebrate the glitz and grandeur of Regency style.

The first season of Bridgerton takes place in 1813, when England’s Prince Regent and soon-to-become King George IV indulged in extravagance and a love of fine art. The English upper class followed his lead, displaying their wealth through stately mansions and sumptuous parties.  This decadent, romantic, and pleasure-seeking setting is a balm for a world emerging from isolation.

Adding Details for Regency Interiors

Regency-style interior design is about surrounding yourself in splendor. While 19th-century aristocrats used lavish displays to highlight their status, modern Regencycore emphasizes the soothing pleasure of immersing yourself in luxury and the joyful escape it offers during our world’s chaotic times.

Classic Regency decorating begins with the softest color schemes to give your space freshness and lightness while also incorporating textural patterns for visual interest. Consider a sofa that’s upholstered in a delicate blue and cream floral print or a bed that’s dressed in a lilac damask cover, with its regal pattern of decorative scrolls and swirls.

Regency-style furniture, crafted from rich mahogany wood, stands out against this backdrop with a stately presence. A loveseat boasting carved arms and back inspires the elegance of a Bridgerton-style living room, and an antique side table makes a space feel even more grand when elevated with a lacquered finish or gilding detail.

Regency decor also includes dramatic objects that create a visual feast. Sparkling crystals, ornate picture frames, and gold candlesticks are some of the accents that can evoke pleasure wherever you look in your space.

Regency Room Ideas for Your Home

Curate elements you love from different rooms in a Regency-era house to create your own regal hideaway.

If the sensual fabrics enamor you, drape a window with flowing floor-length curtains in sumptuous velvet or silk and use gold tassels to tie them back and let the light in. If the glitter of a society ball piques your interest, hang a lustrous period chandelier with crystal beads and candelabra bulbs in your living room. Once you’ve found pieces that capture your imagination, build the rest of the room around them.

Here are some ideas to inspire your Regency style.

Essential Pieces for a Regency-era Bedroom

At the end of a busy day, retreat to an inviting Regency-style bedroom. Pick a dramatic piece to anchor the space, such as a four-poster bed that envelops you with lavishness. These statement beds were common in upper-class 1800s bedrooms and boasted beautiful hangings that kept the warmth in at night and blocked the morning light after late evenings at the ball.

Incorporate this traditional bed into contemporary interiors by replacing thick hangings with light, sheer canopies or skipping the draperies altogether and making the bed’s silhouette the room’s focal point. For other styles of beds with an aristocratic feel, try a French sleigh bed with a carved headboard and footboard or a tufted upholstered headboard paired with a matching bench at the foot of the bed.

When it’s time to retire for the evening, you’ll feel like a royal when you slip underneath a satin comforter. Choose one adorned with a damask print, an iconic pattern once woven onto expensive fabrics and once favored by the wealthy. Look for additional detailing such as scalloped edges or gathered flounces for a romantic touch before you drift off to sleep. You can also mount an ornate bed crown on the wall above the bed, draping it with complementary fabric for an extra element of richness in your peaceful retreat.

Soften the gravitas of a majestic bed with a cozy shag rug. It’s also soft enough for snuggling your toes into as you stretch and ease into your morning. Add a dressing table and gold-trimmed mirror to your Bridgerton-inspired bedroom and display pretty bottles of perfume or jewelry on the surface for added glamor. Although you might not have maids waiting to dress you, a room divider is a fun way to create a dedicated space for getting ready.

Creating a Bridgerton-inspired Living Room

A Regency-era living room beckons you to escape hectic modern life and relax with your family, whether you’re reading, drawing, or playing parlor games. Curl up on a velvet chaise lounge to catch up on the society papers (or your Instagram feed) or group a couple of wingback chairs near a pedestal table for a cup of tea and witty conversation with a friend. You can also set a fainting couch — defined by its curved back and scrolled arm — next to the window and look onto your garden.

Light, airy colors such as white, cream, powder blue, and pale green evoke the colors of the Bridgerton family home and create feelings of serenity and calm. Contrast the subtle palette with cheerfully patterned floral throw pillows as a joyful accent. Or, create a striking feature wall by using a vertical striped Regency-era wallpaper on the upper half of the wall and a complementary paint color on the bottom. Mount a strip of wood horizontally to separate the two elements and replicate the Bridgerton aesthetic.

Complete the look of your English Regency interior with accents that provide a sumptuous delight for your senses — oversized gilded mirrors that glitter in the light, Romanesque marble statues that are smooth and cool to the touch, or fragrant peonies in an antique vase.

Designing Your Regency-era Dining Room

Invite your friends to gather for a meal in your Regencycore dining room. Luxurious upholstered dining chairs with tufted backs and armrests provide a regal feel, while also giving you a comfortable place to settle as you savor each course.

Set lunch on a delicate floral-patterned tablecloth with pretty ceramic pitchers, tea sets, and a three-tier cake stand, or host a formal dinner with beautiful porcelain dinnerware and embroidered linens. Don’t forget elegant champagne flutes to share a toast with friends.

Illuminate the room by hanging a beautiful candelabra chandelier over the table, or choose one dripping with crystals for true splendor. For an intimate dinner, evoke the warm glow of candlelight with a few well-placed candle wall sconces and a statement pair of candlesticks on the table.