Refrigerator Organization in 6 Easy Steps

OCTOBER 12, 2016

by Nick Anderson

Large Appliance Specialist

There are several benefits of a clean, tidy refrigerator. When you organize your fridge efficiently, you will keep your food fresh longer, prevent unwanted odors, and save money by avoiding wasted items. Follow these six easy steps to get your fridge in order and keep it that way.

1Clean Out Everything

Start by removing everything from your fridge and throwing out expired or spoiled items. If leftovers are more than a few days old, toss them out. Wipe down the empty fridge with soap and warm water, and then place an opened box of baking soda in the back corner to absorb odors and keep your fridge smelling fresh. Replace this box every three months. Move through this process quickly so your food isn’t outside the fridge for too long.

2Organize the Door

Fill the door with condiments, juices, and other bottles or jars. The door tends to have a fluctuating temperature, so it’s best for items that won’t spoil easily. Your eggs, milk, and yogurt will stay fresh longer in the back or lower areas of the fridge where the temperature is more consistent.

3Fill the Drawers

Keep all your raw meat in a bottom drawer or in a separate plastic bin to avoid contaminating other foods or making a mess with drips. Put cheeses and lunch meats in the deli drawer, and keep fruits and vegetables in separate crisper drawers with the correct humidity settings. These drawers are designed to give your produce the best possible storage environment to prevent rotting or wilting.

4Arrange by Size and Age

Sorting by size and age will keep food items from getting lost and forgotten in the depths of your refrigerator. Arrange smaller items together and away from larger items that could obscure them from view. Place older groceries up front and put new groceries behind them so you know what you need to use first. This will ensure you use the products you buy while they’re still fresh.

5Use Plastic Refrigerator Bins

Organizing some of your groceries with separately purchased plastic bins lets you conveniently slide out a section of food instead of shifting items to get to the back. Bins are perfect for arranging similar foods or ingredients used in the same meal. Using a bin will also help contain any spills or debris, which makes fridge cleanup easier. Use transparent bins so you can see what each one contains.

6Keep Better Fridge Habits

Keeping your fridge tidy is easier when you make a little effort on a regular basis. First, check your fridge before you shop so you don’t buy things you already have. If your fridge is getting too full or cluttered, buy fewer groceries and make more trips instead of buying them all at once. Next, check regularly for items that need to be thrown away. Lastly, label areas of your fridge to remind you to put items in the same place every time. If you're looking for a fridge to meet your organizational needs, take a look at our Refrigerator Buying Guide for all the information you need to make the perfect fridge choice.