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Guide to Recliner Features

Guide to Recliner Features


We all need that one plush chair that beckons when you want to unwind. Whether you want to watch a movie with your feet up or stretch out for a heated massage, a comfortable recliner can complete your personal oasis. But where should you start in your search for cozy seating? Discover coveted recliner features to help pick a chair you can turn to time and again.


Manual & Power Recliners

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Pushback Recliner

Get cozy after a grueling day at work when you find your favorite reclining angle. A pushback recliner has preset positions so you can lean back a little to finish that novel or all the way back to take a nap. You can change the chair’s position by gently pushing with your weight, so there’s no power outlet required. Set the chair anywhere you like in a room, whether it’s beside the fireplace to warm up on a chilly evening or next to the window to watch the kids play in the yard.

Power Recliner

A power recliner is usually larger than a manual model and needs to be plugged in. While this might limit your placement of the chair, an electric recliner offers more precise positioning than a manual one. With the push of a button, you can smoothly power the chair until you find the right angle, hitting that sweet spot for lounging. Many power recliner models have built-in USB chargers, so you can plug in your phone while catching up on your social feeds or waiting for a text to make plans.

Some power recliners feature an adjustable backrest and leg rest, allowing you to lie flat and take a nap on cloud nine. A power lift recliner offers gentle assistance to standing, seated, and lying-down positions, making it ideal for older users and people with mobility issues.


Massage & Heated Recliners

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After trading your work clothes for yoga pants at the end of a hectic day, you can slide into a reclining vibrating chair to knead the kinks out of your back, or reward yourself after finishing a long run. The soothing warmth of a heated recliner can help ease minor aches, refreshing you before you head to the kitchen to make dinner. Better yet, order in from your chair and call the family to the dining table when the delivery driver arrives.


Rocking & Gliding Recliners

glider recliner Shop This Glider Recliner

A recliner glider sits on a linear track, offering gentle rocking. You may prefer the arched track of a recliner rocker for a greater range of motion as you’re working your way through a crossword or chatting with family about their day.


The calm, swaying motion of a recliner glider makes this recliner type a natural fit in a nursery. Place one beside a crib for a snug place to feed your baby at night, or in the corner of your child’s bedroom so you can cuddle and read stories before nap time. Many are also swivel recliners, letting you turn to pull another Dr. Seuss tale from the bookshelf while your little one stays on your lap.


Both recliner rockers and gliders can lock into place when you lean back at different angles, so you can use them like a traditional recliner. To transition this piece into a living room or den when your child has grown, consider one in a neutral color. Gray or beige can complement the soft pink, blue, or green hues of a baby’s nursery, but also seamlessly fit into many living room palettes.


Ergonomic Recliners

Ergonomic Recliner Shop This Ergonomic Recliner

While some people find comfort sinking deep into the softness of a recliner, others prefer more structured support to ease or prevent backaches. A recliner with lumbar support still offers padding but relieves pressure on the natural curve of the spine by filling in the space between your lower back and the chair. You may find you can sit comfortably for longer periods of time, so consider placing a floor lamp next to your ergonomic chair so you can knit or read well into the night.

Zero-Gravity Recliners

Inspired by NASA’s zero-gravity position for astronauts, some recliners are designed to distribute your weight more evenly so there’s less stress on your spine. Zero-gravity recliners let you position your legs higher for a feeling of weightlessness, but tend to be bulkier than traditional recliners and require more floor space. Some people find the feeling of floating offers deeper relaxation. Completely sink into the experience by setting up your Bluetooth speakers on a nearby console table and listening to your favorite playlist as you decompress.

Power-Lift Recliners

Recliners can also be highly functional. Some can be adjusted so they’re fully horizontal, doubling as an occasional recliner bed once you add pillows and a blanket. And, while it can be thoroughly comforting to envelop yourself in a recliner, some people may have difficulty getting out of this inviting cocoon. Relatives visiting for a holiday dinner may appreciate a lift-assist recliner that gently eases the body forward to an angle that helps them more easily stand.


Home Theater & Gaming Recliners

theater recliner Shop This Theater Recliner

Outfit your dream media room with reclining theater chairs and make your home the preferred gathering place when friends want to cheer their team on to the championship. Overstuffed cushions and wide armrests surround your guests in comfort, whether they’re on the edge of their seat mesmerized by a thriller, or leaning back with popcorn and a comedy.


Set up a home bar nearby — recliners with cup holders help guests to keep track of their drinks and are often upholstered with easy-to-clean materials in case of spills. Reclining theater seating also works if you’ve got a game console set up on your entertainment unit and want to spend an evening challenging friends to a battle. When you’re done, tuck controllers and accessories into armrest compartments for convenience.


Gaming recliners have a slender silhouette and fit neatly at a desk if you play on a computer. Gaming chairs look like fully rigged office chairs, offering head, neck, shoulder, and back support so you can focus on the screen. These rolling recliners are usually equipped with casters that let you glide back and forth between equipment.


Recliners to Fit a Compact Space

wall hugging recliner Shop This Wall Hugging Recliner

A wall hugger recliner lets you kick back even in a small space like an apartment or condo. Designed to glide forward when in the reclined position, wall recliners require less clearance at the back. This means you can place the seat closer to a wall and open up space for additional pieces, such as a love seat and coffee table, without feeling overcrowded.


These streamlined recliners can also fit in small rooms such as a den. Put one in the corner of your home office as an alternative to sitting at a desk when you want to read. Or, place one in a solarium or sunny nook to enjoy a leisurely morning coffee.

A recliner delivers exquisite comfort. Whether you’re looking for a reclining theater chair or a matching recliner and ottoman set, the right chair takes your relaxation to the next level. See How to Buy the Best Recliner to ensure your reclining chair suits you and your lifestyle.