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Reasons to Buy Worldstock Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

by Andrea Sparks

Woman wearing a beautiful, handmade Worldstock tunic

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world, creating beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories for wear. In contrast to mass-produced apparel, however, are artisans who create equally beautiful pieces on a smaller scale and oftentimes using traditional techniques and designs. Worldstock features clothes and accessories from many of these men and women in a fair-trade market. To learn more about handmade artisan goods, read the following reasons to buy Worldstock apparel and accessories.

Why Buy Worldstock Clothing, Shoes and Accessories:

  1. Handmade quality: Most mass-produced clothing and shoes are machine-made, even some designer clothing. Apparel made by Worldstock artisans, however, is almost always made by hand. The quality of handmade clothing, accessories and shoes is much higher. Dedicated craftsmen pay attention to detail and make sure each piece is of the highest quality.

  2. Focus on sustainability: Fair-trade products focus on sustainability, and the same is true for Worldstock apparel. Most pieces are made from sustainable, organic or recycled fibers to reduce the impact that production has on natural resources. Worldstock products also focus on economic and cultural sustainability, helping to promote local crafts and support artisan communities.

  3. Supporting fair trade: By purchasing fair-trade apparel, you support the fair-trade efforts that are bringing income, education and opportunity to craftsmen and women in underdeveloped countries and communities. The creation and sales of handcrafted clothing and shoes provide stable employment for artisans throughout the world.

  4. Preserving traditions: Worldstock clothing and accessories are often traditional designs from the local culture, and you can find apparel from nearly every corner of the world and ever cultural tradition. By purchasing handmade goods and clothing from these artisans, you help preserve their traditional attire by creating a market for it and deeming it valuable in an increasingly modernized world.

  5. Something unique: The deep cultural roots found in artisan-made clothing makes our world clothing pieces truly distinctive, and the handmade nature of the attire makes each piece one-of-a-kind. Whether you're buying a purse from Peru, a shawl from India or a pair of sandals from Thailand, you know you're getting something different that you won't see in a mainstream clothing store.

Buy Worldstock Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
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