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Reading Nook Ideas

Reading Nook Ideas

For the bibliophile who loves to get lost in a great book, having a special place dedicated for reading sounds like a dream. But creating a haven just for getting away with your favorite novel is also an effective way to transform an awkward space you may have in your home. Empty closets, funky alcoves, difficult corners, even a long hallway can be converted into a charming reading nook with just a few decorating essentials.

Reading Nook Essentials

The perfect reading nook is comfy and private with good lighting and cozy seating. Whether you're creating a private hideaway or transforming an empty corner of a room, a reading nook is a special place where you can escape from the distractions of daily life and get some much-needed down time. No matter your style or space, you can create a beautiful reading nook with just a few essentials.

Comfortable Chair

The most important part of a great reading nook is a comfortable place to sit. Whether it's a tufted arm chair or fluffy floor cushion, sinking into a great seat is essential to helping you unwind.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is a must for a successful book nook. Help ward off eye strain with sufficient task lighting provided by floor lamps or table lamps. If your nook is near a window, accent it with sheer drapes that filter natural light and also offer privacy. See our guide to the Best Floor Lamps for Reading.

Cozy Accents

There's little as comforting as curling up under a soft blanket with a captivating story. Look for throw blankets that offer warmth and style. Don't forget a supportive accent pillow in case you decide to spend a few hours with your nose in a book.


If your space allows, a storage bench or ottoman is an excellent way to keep your nook tidy. A tufted storage ottoman is perfect for storing blankets and pillows — plus, you can use it to prop up your feet for extra comfort.

Side Table

A stylish side table is the perfect place to set your hot cup of tea while you dive into your favorite novel. Look for a table with a cabinet or shelf to add extra storage space to your nook.

Farmhouse Reading Nook

A cozy farmhouse reading nook

Up your cozy quotient with a farmhouse book nook. Farmhouse style is soft and neutral, making it perfect for a snuggly reading corner. Start with a plush arm chair that boasts classic features like cream-colored upholstery and rolled arms. An ottoman or footrest will give you a place to prop your feet. Use a knit or quilted throw to keep with the farmhouse theme and add comfort to your reading chair. Finish the space with a table or floor lamp and charming accents like a galvanized bucket to use as a side table or design detail.

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Modern Reading Nook

A clean and sleek modern reading nook

For the book-loving minimalist who prefers a modern living space, your bold yet streamlined reading nook should have an emphasis on open space and casual comfort. Simplicity is central to promoting a calm, distraction-free reading spot. Opt for a contemporary chaise lounge in a streamlined shape and supple top-grain leather. Then use a modern area rug in a black-and-white geometric pattern to unify your nook. Choose an arc lamp for focused task lighting and open shelving to store your favorite media. A simple tulip-style side table makes the perfect resting spot for your tumbler of scotch.

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Glam Reading Nook

A very glam and lux reading nook

If your style swings in the luxe direction, a glam nook is your reading haven. For a posh take on your chic niche, opt for a tufted chaise lounge that offers both glam style and comfy support. Warm up your seating with a cozy faux fur throw, and use a shag rug to center the look. Gold finishes are essential to a glam aesthetic, so opt for a side table that boasts a goldtone finish. Store your favorite reads on a gold or bronze bookshelf. Then top off the look with a chic and tasteful piece of art.

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A collage of glam items that would be a perfect in a reading nook