Quick Hair Care Tips



Everyone has an occasional, frustrating "bad hair day." While sometimes those days are unavoidable, you can do a few things and use a few hair care products to help your hair stay healthy and looking its best. Just follow these tips.

Keep Your Hair Healthy:

  1. Shampoo the right way: It's important to find a shampoo that fits your hair's needs. If you have curly hair, get a shampoo made for curly hair. If you have dry hair, look for a moisturizing shampoo. Then, despite the well-known "lather, rinse, repeat" mantra, one thorough washing will do the trick. Unless you are using dandruff shampoo, you probably won't have to shampoo your hair every day, either. It's good for the hair and the scalp to have a day to replenish their natural oils. And remember to be gentle: Focus on massaging the scalp when you shampoo rather than scrubbing the hair.

  2. Condition, condition, condition: Always use conditioner after shampooing to help your hair rehydrate; moisturized hair is healthy hair. You only really need to condition your hair from the nape of the neck down -- or the hair that would be pulled into a ponytail. You needn't condition the roots: The natural oils in your scalp should be enough to replenish the roots. For extra rehydration and shine, try a hot-oil treatment once a week.

  3. Be kind while brushing: Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so you want to take extra care. Always comb wet hair, as brushing wet hair can damage it. Use the brush after your hair has dried. Brush starting at the scalp downward to distribute the natural oils from your scalp down the hair follicle.

  4. Smooth it out: Hair tangles can be as painful as they are annoying. You can also destroy your hair when you try to force them out. The best way to de-tangle your hair is to use a spray-in conditioner; then, starting at the bottom, use a wide-tooth comb to carefully pick out the knot.

  5. Use heat sparingly: Heat doesn't have to be hard on your hair. Some hair products are specifically designed to help your hair recover from heat styling, and as long as you use heat sparingly and efficiently, you'll find that your hair will fare quite well. When you use a hair dryer, fully towel dry first; this will not only save you time when drying, but it will also cut down the time you apply heat to your hair. Always keep the dryer moving to avoid creating any hotspots in your hair. When using a curling iron or flat iron, use the lowest setting needed to create your desired style.

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