Quick Facts About Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Quick Facts About Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Egyptian cotton sheets on bed
When it comes to cotton sheets, those made from Egyptian cotton are widely considered to be the best. But before you start shopping for new Egyptian cotton sheets, it's important to know the facts. Keep reading to learn what to look for when purchasing an Egyptian cotton sheet set.

Egyptian cotton sheets on bed

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Facts:



What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton comes from the species Gossypium Barbadense, which is the same plant that Pima cotton comes from. However, the climate in Egypt, where Egyptian cotton is grown, produces a longer staple (fibers) than any other cotton. These long fibers are spun into extra-fine threads, which are then woven into a high-quality fabric.


Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Better Than Other Cotton Sheets?

When it comes to making quality sheets, it’s all about the fiber. Egyptian cotton fibers are considered by many to be the best because of their length, strength, and softness. A longer fiber means a stronger fabric and the ability to create a high thread count fabric.


How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When caring for Egyptian cotton, it’s best to avoid using detergents that contain bleach. Bleach can break down the natural fibers of your sheets, causing them to quickly wear out. Use a gentle detergent, cold water, and a low drying temperature to ensure your sheets last a long time.
It’s best not to use a fabric softener on Egyptian cotton sheets because it can build up and damage the fibers. Instead, dry your sheets with a couple tennis balls or dryer balls for a similar softening result.


What to Consider When Buying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When shopping for sheets, it’s important to pay attention to percentages. Some companies may claim that a sheet set is made of Egyptian cotton, but it could be a small amount that is mixed with another material. These blended sheet sets can have an attractive price, but don’t be fooled. If you want the real deal, then accept no substitutes. Make sure your sheets are 100 percent Egyptian cotton before you buy.