Pre-Owned Rolex Watch Fact Sheet


If you have purchased or considered purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch from Overstock™, you may have questions about the inner workings of these timepieces. Here are some facts about your pre-owned Rolex watch. We have also included suggestions in regards to the maintenance of your timepiece.

Setting the Time on a Rolex:

  1. Unscrew the crown. The crown is the round stem located on the side of the watch case by the 3 o'clock position.

  2. Extend the stem. After you have unscrewed the crown, you will need to extend its stem by gently pulling it away from the watch case. You will feel the stem extend across two or more notches; the time-adjusting notch is the farthest position that the stem will extend from the case.

  3. Adjust the time. At this point, when you turn the stem the hands of your watch will move, allowing you to adjust the time.

  4. Screw the crown back in place. After adjusting the time, push the crown back to the beginning position and screw the crown back into place. It is important that you screw the stem in completely, as this is crucial to maintaining the case's water-resistance.

  5. Wind the watch if needed. Before you have the stem entirely screwed back in, you will feel the position for winding the movement; if you turn the stem, you will hear the watch winding.

Using the Rolex Quickset Feature:

  1. Quickset is a convenient innovation. It allows you to set the date without turning the hour hand. This feature saves you time, especially if you need to adjust the date by more than a day or two, requiring you to make many 24-hour rotations of the hour hand. Like the time-setting function, quickset has a position on the crown stem. During the late 1970s, Rolex began production on its quickset feature, which has become standard on many Rolex watches since the 1980s; however, not all Rolex watches have quickset.

  2. You can adjust the date in under a minute. If your watch has quickset, it will have a position on the stem, closer to the case than the time-adjusting position, which allows you to change the date display. Open the crown by turning it until it pops out from the case. Then pull the stem out one notch and turn the crown clockwise to change the date.

Automatic Movement in Rolex Watches:

  1. Automatic movement doesn't require manual winding every day. This means that your watch does not contain a battery, but rather is sustained by an intricate handmade Swiss movement that receives its power from the motion of your body. As long as you wear your watch, the movement of your arm will continually wind the watch. To learn more about movement, read our watch movement buying guide.

  2. Your pre-owned Rolex watch has a power reserve that keeps it working when not in motion. If you do not wear the watch, eventually it will stop running until the next time you wear it, at which point the movement receives motion again. If you wear your watch almost every day, the automatic movement should keep enough power in reserve to remain running for about a day or two off your wrist. You can use the crown to manually wind the watch movement if it stops.

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Updated April 1, 2015