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Practical Stocking Stuffers They’ll Use All Year

Practical Stocking Stuffers They’ll Use All Year

Practical Stocking Stuffers
The big gifts are wrapped up and under the tree, but what about the stockings? Along with all the goodies, try adding a few practical stocking stuffers this year. Choose gifts that can serve a purpose long after the holidays. Learn more from this collection of the top practical stocking stuffers this Christmas.
Practical Stocking Stuffers

New Socks

No matter what their interests or lifestyle, the recipient will find that new socks always come in handy. Choose a pack of pretty patterns or something more practical and supportive if they lead an active lifestyle. You can also find socks in large packs to distribute to all your giftees.

Alarm Clock

Most people use the alarm feature on their phone, but that doesn’t mean alarm clocks don’t have their benefits. The classic round alarm clock can add character to their nightstand and act as a backup if their phone fails. You can also find stylish digital clocks they can use for display in their home.

First-Aid Kit

As far as stocking stuffers go, first-aid kits are about as practical as they come. It’s a great gift for new drivers, hikers, new parents, and even office workers. Look for a compact kit that includes basic items like bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, and gauze.

Overstock Gift Card

You can’t fit a new couch in their stocking, so consider an Overstock gift card for the person on your list who loves to decorate or just moved into a new place. This card can help them buy new furniture, accents, and goodies for their home.

Electric Toothbrush

A new toothbrush may not be on the top of their wish list, but it’s a great practical stocking stuffer. It’s a gift they’ll use every day, and you can find a variety of high-quality electric toothbrushes to keep their pearly whites healthy. Include a pack of replacement heads so they can use their new gift all year.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a super versatile yet practical gift option. For calm and relaxation, look for essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus. Oils like peppermint and tea tree can help minimize headaches and fight cold and flu symptoms. Consider adding a small diffuser they can use with these oils.

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are compact, lightweight, and make traveling more comfortable. The best travel pillows are contoured and made of materials like memory foam or microbeads to support their neck. You can also find travel pillows in a variety of colors and styles to match their style.


Rain, shine, or snow, umbrellas are useful throughout the year. They’re small enough to slip into a Christmas stocking and come in almost unlimited styles. Look for compact umbrellas or styles that come with holders for easy carrying.

Portable Charger

For that person on your list who always has a dead phone, give them a practical gift that keeps on giving. Portable chargers, power banks, and charging cases are extremely useful for traveling, long nights out, or simply days at home. They’re lightweight and easy to stow in a bag or pocket, wherever they go.

Bluetooth Headphones

For the audio lovers on your list, Bluetooth headphones can’t be beat. Wireless headphones offer a tangle-free, cordless option for those who love to listen to their favorite media on the go. This makes them a great stocking stuffer for joggers, commuters, students, or office professionals.

Shower or Bath Caddy

For the person on your list who loves a good soak, get them a bath or shower caddy to help them enjoy their time in the tub. Bath caddies are expandable and can fit the width of most tubs. They create a flat, stable surface where your giftee can set a beverage, book, or any of their other bath time necessities.

Portable Desk Fan

Is there someone on your Christmas gift list who’s always warm? Portable desk fans are a great stocking stuffer for work or home to help them keep their cool. Look for models with clips that will fit on their desk or computer monitor while they work. You can find small desk fans in a variety of colors and strengths.

Small Home Tool Set

For the giftee who lives alone or faces repairs at home often, consider a small home tool set as a practical stocking stuffer. Look for a kit with multiple types of tools, such as screwdrivers, drill bits, pliers, and more. From home improvement to repairs, a kit like this will be handy when they need it most.

Kitchen Gadgets

From specialty bacon trays to spiralizers, kitchen gadgets are a practical stocking stuffer they’ll love if they enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Many kitchen gadgets are designed for a very niche purpose, so find gadgets that help prepare food your giftee loves.

Travel Mug or Infuser Water Bottle

If they love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, look for an insulated travel mug to keep their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature. For the giftee who goes to the gym often or just likes to stay hydrated, look for a sleek new water bottle with an infuser they can use to flavor their water with fresh fruit.

Jewelry Box or Tray

For the special person on your list who loves collecting rings, bracelets, or other jewelry, consider giving them a jewelry box or tray. From cute animal-shaped ring holders to delicate music boxes, you can find an assortment in unique boxes or trays that match their personality.

Kitchen and Food Scale

Kitchen and food scales are helpful for anyone who watches their portions or enjoys working with bulk items. Kitchen scales come in analog or digital models. While there are many to choose from, choose a small model for stocking stuffers. This also ensures they won’t have to take up counterspace with their new toy.

Activity Tracker

From the humble pedometer to brands like Fitbit that track daily step count, sleep quality, and even heart rate, activity trackers like these have become popular practical stocking stuffers for just about anyone. Whether your giftee has a fitness-oriented resolution or just likes to keep tabs on their workouts, this is a stocking stuffer that’s sure to please.

Grooming Accessories

Everyone loves feeling fresh and clean, which makes grooming supplies a practical stocking stuffer for anyone. Clippers, manicure sets, and pumice stones are just a few of the more practical gifts you can get anyone on your list. Treat them to some quality hand cream or lotion to go with their new grooming routine.


Batteries aren’t an exciting gift on their own, but they can be when paired with toys, gadgets, and other gifts. This is a practical stocking stuffer, especially for kids who may be getting electronics that require AAA or AA batteries. Look for batteries in large packs that will last them until next Christmas.

Pet Accessories

Pet accessories are the purr-fect practical gift for the person on your list who loves their fur baby. Pet treats, toys, harnesses, and other accessories can be expensive for pet parents throughout the year, so treat them and their pet to something new.

Sometime’s its the thought that counts. If you have giftees on your list who prefer nice-to-haves over need-to-haves, check out more gift possibilities in our Top Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas.