Portable Ice Makers Fact Sheet

Ice maker on a counter
A portable ice machine is the ideal home appliance for those who love to entertain. With so many different models available, you need to know the basics of portable ice makers and how you put one to use in your home before making a purchase. Here are some cool things to know about about home ice makers, and how to use one to your advantage, whether you plan on entertaining a crowd or keeping your own beverages frosty.

Ice maker on a counter

A Convenient Home Appliance

A home ice maker in your kitchen is a great way to stay prepared for surprises like heat waves and unexpected guests. Portable ice machines come in varying capacities and power levels, so you can select one that’s perfect for your space and level of use. Having friends over for the big game? With a larger portable ice machine, you can make enough ice for a crowd in no time. You can even make several batches ahead and store them in your freezer for the ultimate summer party.

Specialized for Your Needs

A small ice maker is the perfect home appliance for your individual needs. If your style is funky and unique, a brightly colored or retro ice machine is a functional kitchen accessory. A smaller-capacity home ice maker is ideal for occasional use, and is small enough to store away when you’re not using it. If your place is the go-to hangout space for cocktail parties and watching the big game, you can select a larger, countertop ice machine, or a sleek under-the-counter model, for even higher volumes. Some specialty appliances can be helpful companions to your ice maker, like ice crushers — perfect for making snow cones, shaved ice, and more.

Always Have Ice for Smoothies

One of the most delicious ways to use ice is in blended drinks. If you’re investing in an ice making machine, having a powerful blender to go along with it is a must. With a supply of ice at your fingertips, you can make tasty smoothies and slush drinks for you and your guests. Keep extra pre-made ice in the freezer, along with frozen fruit, to be ready for smoothies at any time.

Be the Host With the Most

This much ice makes you cool enough to entertain all your friends. Now that you’ve made a batch of icy cold drinks, you need enough glasses to serve all your guests. Whether you’re hosting a stylish cocktail party or a casual backyard get-together, you can find the perfect matching set of glasses or tumblers to bring together the theme.

Stay Cool in the Summer

Make a batch of ice with a small ice maker, then transfer it directly to an ice bucket to keep drinks cool anywhere in your home. Ice buckets and coolers don’t need to be boring. Our collection of coolers and ice buckets features beautifully designed containers in all shapes and sizes, so you can chill a party’s worth of soda and juice, or a single bottle of champagne.

Chill and Relax

After a long day, it’s great to come home to a stocked portable ice machine. A quality ice machine keeps those cubes frozen until you need them, so you can make ice ahead of time and leave it to chill while you’re at work or out for the day. An easy-to-use portable ice maker means no mess and water spills to clean up. Just fill your favorite tumbler with a beverage and relax in your living room or on the patio. A portable ice maker is the perfect home appliance for warm weather.

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