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Portable Hot Tub Quick Facts

by Lindsay Wilcox

Young woman soaks in portable hot tub

Make your backyard a sanctuary and purchase portable hot tubs and spas to relax in whenever you like. While a full-size Jacuzzi may not fit into your existing space or your budget, there are plenty of portable hot tubs available that the whole family can enjoy. Read on for facts on portable hot tubs and tips on buying your own hot tubs online.

Facts about Portable Hot Tubs:

  1. Portable hot tubs sit above the ground and are preassembled. Forget about digging a hole in your back yard for a home spa or constructing wooden hot tubs and spas by hand. If you have space on your patio or in your back yard, you can easily set up outdoor hot tubs to soak in. An inflatable hot tub may be the simplest spa to use: Just use a hot tub pump to inflate it, fill it with water and plug it in. If you'd like something more durable, look for small hot tubs made of resin; this material is lightweight and can be used indoors and outdoors.

  2. Portable hot tubs are made of lightweight materials. A large Jacuzzi you can place beneath a gazebo or even in your home is typically made of heavy-duty acrylic with molded seats; these hot tubs are very heavy as a result. In contrast, most portable hot tubs are made of much lighter materials, including vinyl, nylon, plastic and resin. The danger of lightweight outdoor hot tubs is that they can be damaged easily, especially an inflatable hot tub, so you'll want to avoid placing them near sharp bushes or trees.

  3. Portable hot tubs are typically small and can fit fewer people. If you plan to have a spa party, you'll have to invite fewer friends. Small hot tubs made with lightweight materials can usually only hold four people at the most, and inflatable hot tubs lack built-in seating to accommodate extra friends. Buy hot tubs made of resin or plastic that have plenty of space if you have a bigger family.

  4. Portable hot tubs do not stay hot as long as traditional spas. Because many portable hot tubs use hot tub pumps that circulate air instead of hot water, the temperature of the water often drops more quickly than the water temperature in a home spa does. This means that some portable hot tubs aren't well-suited for soaks beyond 30 minutes; however, most tubs include durable covers that can prevent the loss of heat when you climb out of your hot tub.

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