Popular Interior Design Styles Defined

Your home decorating style is one of the best ways to make an impression on guests and show off your personality. From comfortable sofas to eye-catching color schemes, there are many ways to incorporate your favorite design style into your home. Use this guide to popular interior design styles to find the one that will give your home a must-have look.
Popular Interior Design Styles Defined

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Decorating Styles


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century modern style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Defined by distinct design and a vintage look, Mid-Century Modern style lends a retro appeal to any space.  Designed with clean lines and geometric shapes, popular Mid-Century furniture features natural wood accents, tapered legs, and neutral or earthy colors. The unique look of plastic Eames- or Panton-style chairs highlights the artistic aesthetic that is common in Mid-Century Modern furniture styles. Use throwback geometric and atomic patterns in rugs and other textiles for a truly groovy vibe.



Coastal style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Coastal style is designed to give your home the feeling of a beachside bungalow. Weathered driftwood treated by salty seas is used to construct accent tables, chairs, and furniture legs.  Woven wicker, nautical rope, and other natural materials are used to construct furniture and give Coastal style its seaside feel. A color palette of light, airy neutrals punctuated by ocean blues keeps this style simple and inviting while nautical patterns and decorations give it an unmistakably Coastal feel.



Farmhouse style dining room, this is a very popular interior design style

Old-fashioned feel and lived-in quality defines the Farmhouse decorating style. Materials such as distressed wood, metal, and woven fabric give Farmhouse furniture a unique, antiqued look. Comfortable, light-colored textiles provide a soft look, while worn, whitewashed wood tables and metal furniture show off a sturdy, industrial touch. Patterns and artwork inspired by barn animals and farm living gives the look some creative flair.



Glam style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

If a piece of furniture or decor feels sophisticated and extravagant, chances are it’s perfect for a Glam interior design style. Sofas, chairs, and benches utilize tufted upholstery and luxurious materials to make the seating plush and glamorous. Mirrored and metallic surfaces mingle with a bold color palette that plays with contrasting neutrals and pops of color. Glam prioritizes elements that are tactile, visually appealing, and that make a statement.



Industrial style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Drawing inspiration from the raw feel of an old factory or warehouse, Industrial style often features distressed or repurposed materials and natural tones. Leather sofas and chairs usually have a used or worn appearance and are comfortable as well as sturdy. Metals used to construct seating, accent tables, and book cases commonly use powder-coated, bronzed, or oxidized finishes to contribute to this repurposed look. Faux animal hides, leather, and jute rugs add to the natural aesthetic and earthy color scheme.



Rustic style bedroom, this is a very popular interior design style

The rugged feel of a cabin or rural home is the primary inspiration for the Rustic decorating style. Natural materials with a touch of western style give Rustic furniture an old-fashioned inviting feel. Rough or unpainted wood constructions, reclaimed metals, and worn leather take center stage, while copper accents and animal skin upholsteries work as complements.


Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style bedroom, this is a very popular interior design style

Gently used and distressed furniture and textiles are central to a Shabby Chic style. Whitewashed wood accent tables with worn paint and exposed grain display a well-loved character, while sofas with light linen upholsteries and tufting are a casual play on a traditional look. Neutral and pastel colors mingle together in vintage stylings to make Shabby Chic style the epitome of graceful aging.



A modern style dining room, this is a very popular interior design style

Rooted in simplicity, Modern style shies away from the ornamentation and complication of other styles. Modern furniture is designed with straight lines and made from sleek materials such as polished steel, glass, and leather. A primarily neutral color palette gives Modern style a minimalist, uncomplicated look that is simple but bold. Reserved use of decorations keeps a Modern interior uncluttered and fresh.



Boho style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Finding inspiration in the bazaars and markets of exotic locales, a Boho interior design style is an eclectic mix of textures, patterns, and materials combined with a vibrant, energetic color palette. Large poufs, ottomans, and floor pillows are used liberally to make the space comfortable and casual. An assortment of sofas, chairs, and tables from a variety of styles come together to contribute to the laid-back and mismatched style.



Scandinavian style chairs in a sitting room, this is a very popular interior design style

Combining a Modern aesthetic with Nordic influences, Scandinavian style manages a minimalist look while still appearing inviting and artistic. This style makes prominent use of light-colored wood in tables and furniture legs, which lends to the natural feel. Low-profile sofas and chairs with a slimmed down look often feature pastel and neutral upholsteries that contribute to a reserved color scheme.



Traditional style living room, this is a very popular interior design style

With a timeless look that never goes out of style, Traditional decor brings a sense of splendor and class to your home. Ornately carved woodwork, tufted upholsteries, and shapely profiles give Traditional furniture its distinct look. Sofas with rolled arms paired with wingback accent chairs and stained wood side tables all look right at home in a Traditional space. Crystal chandeliers, framed art, and oriental rugs give any room a Traditional look from top to bottom.


French Country

French country style office, this is a very popular interior design style

Giving your home the feel of quaint countryside cottage, French Country style balances elegance and homey warmth. Sofas and accent chairs with linen upholsteries and antiqued woodwork embody a lived-in look, while rubbed-bronze nail heads and tufting enhance the traditional feel. A soft color palette taken from the wildflowers of a French springtime give this style a charming character and relaxed heirloom feel.



Contemporary style chair in a living room, this is a very popular interior design style

Elements from several decorating styles come together to create Contemporary style. The clean lines of Modern style mesh with the curves of Mid-Century furniture to create a look that is futuristic, elegant, and inviting. A neutral palette and polished metal accents give Contemporary furniture a minimalist touch that keeps the look clean and fresh.



Transitional style bedroom, this is a very popular interior design style

Transitional is the style for people torn between their love for Traditional and Contemporary. Removing some of the frills and ornamentation of Traditional furniture, Transitional keeps the polished wood and metal accents but sticks with the subdued look inspired by Modern designs. Straight lines and simple profiles pair with a toned-down color palette to create an understated look that is easy on the eyes.

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