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Popular Accessories for Swimming Pools

by Chandler Warnick

Accessories for swimming pools can be fun for the whole family

There's nothing quite like relaxing in a cool swimming pool when summer hits its peak. Whether you have young kids who love to play in the water or you like lounging on a pool float soaking up the sun yourself, swimming pools are wonderful additions to any home. However, pool maintenance isn't as simple as picking leaves off the surface of the water, and it can take up a lot of time if you don't have the right swimming pool accessories. Pool accessories can help you maintain the quality of your pool with less effort and time on your part and can even increase how much you enjoy your pool. Keep reading for information on popular swimming pool accessories.

Popular Pool Accessories:

  1. Swimming pool cleaners: Pool cleaners, also called pool vacuums, are an essential swimming pool accessory. Keeping your pool covered will certainly reduce the amount of debris that gets into your pool, and your pool filter helps to clear out some of the finer contaminants that lurk in your pool, but leaves, dirt and other debris will inevitably get into your pool, making a pool vacuum a pool accessory that is hard to do without. Nowadays, most pool cleaners are automatic, so you can turn them on and let them do their work overnight, a big improvement over the swimming pool cleaners of the past. There are a few varieties of pool cleaners available, but the ones that have become most popular are robotic pool cleaners. Robotic pool vacuum cleaners run off a low current of electricity, scrubbing the bottom of your pool and catching debris in a small bag. These swimming pool cleaners are especially good at picking up sand and smaller debris and can even "learn" the shape of your pool, a helpful feature if you have an oddly shaped pool.

  2. Swimming pool covers: Pool covers can seem like an extra expense, but they can actually save you a lot of time. The main purpose of a swimming pool cover is to keep debris from falling into your swimming pool. This not only keeps your pool cleaner and reduces the amount of time you spend vacuuming your pool; it also reduces strain on your pool filter, which can save you money on expensive pool repairs. While keeping your pool clean is the main reason for buying a pool cover, swimming pool covers have other benefits as well. For example, even the most basic mesh pool cover can reduce the amount that you spend on pool chemicals because direct sun degrades pool chemicals, so covering your pool regularly helps your chemicals last longer. Solar pool covers, which are clear and look like tough bubble wrap, allow sunlight to warm your pool and then help your pool retain heat, which keeps your pool warm overnight. Solar pool covers can be a big plus if you live in a temperate or cool area. Safety pool covers are a wise option if you have small kids. Safety pool covers are made from strong materials and are designed to lock down and to hold weight, so if a child walks on one, he won't fall into the water.

  3. Swimming pool toys: The whole idea behind having a pool is to relax and have fun, so it makes sense to invest in some pool toys. Pool toys like volleyball nets and floating basketball hoops encourage fun pool games. Inflatable slides are also a popular pool accessory. Inflatable pool slides are a perfect kids' pool toy for a children's pool party or for young grandkids. If you plan to use your pool mostly for relaxing, purchasing inflatable pool toys are a good idea. Pool floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some inflatable pool toys are shaped like recliner chairs, complete with arm rests and cup holders. You can also find pool floats that lock together to form a floating island or that are simply large enough to accommodate two relaxers.

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