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Popular Accessories for Showers

by Chandler Warnick

New showerheads are popular shower accessories

Since you spend a lot of time in your shower, you may as well make it as comfortable as possible. After all, there is no reason why your shower should have a drizzly shower head and a crowd of shampoo and shower gel bottles balanced precariously on the various shower ledges when you can find so many quality shower accessories online. If you're interested in upgrading your shower with a few different shower accessories, but you aren't sure where you should start, keep reading.

Best Shower Accessories:

  1. Shower panels. Shower panels are long panels that install in place of your shower head. Shower panels divert water to spouts in the middle of the panel, so instead of only being sprayed by water from your shower head, you also get sprayed by spouts along your whole body, making a shower a more immersive experience. Some shower panels even have two showerheads -- a regular one and a handheld one -- so you can have the main stream spraying you and spray off different parts of your body at the same time.

  2. Shower caddies. If more than one person uses your shower, then it will probably accumulate a wide array of shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, razors and wash cloths, more than your shower can accommodate on its own. If this is the case, then buy a shower caddy. Shower caddies either hang from your shower head or stand in a corner of your shower on their own, depending on how much extra space you need. Shower caddies come in a variety of different materials, from stainless steel to neutral white, so you there's a shower caddy out there that will match your bath decor.

  3. Shower heads. Your shower head makes a big difference in how enjoyable your shower is, and you may be surprised at how big a difference a new shower head will make in the quality of your shower, especially if you're still using the shower head that came with your shower. Handheld showerheads make it easy to rinse off different parts of your body. Massaging shower heads have different settings, like pulse settings, that allow you to give yourself a massage when you shower. Rain shower heads are extra large shower heads that mount higher than regular one. Rain shower heads give you a drenching experience, more so than regular showerheads.

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