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Playlist Ideas for Your MP3 Player

by Paul Sanders

Woman listening to a custom playlist on her MP3 player

You can take music, movies and TV shows anywhere with your MP3 player; but now that you have the ultimate portable music player, you need a soundtrack to take with you. Music from different genres and time periods will fit different music tastes and moods. Here are a few ideas to get you started constructing playlists for your portable MP3 player that you can enjoy no matter what mood you're in.

Customizing MP3 Player Music:

  1. Playlist auto-creation: A lot of music management tools have intuitive features that will search your digital music library and create various playlists automatically based on your preferences. They're not perfect, but auto-playlist creation is a great way to get some rough playlists on your MP3 player to start.

  2. Lost songs: Almost all music management software keeps track of how many times you've listened to each song on your MP3 player and how many times you've skipped them. Sort your music to see which songs you've been missing and make a playlist from them.

  3. Genre mixes: You may already have thought about separating you music into genres for different playlists, but you might also consider mixing complementary genres. Chances are that your music taste cuts across several similar genres. Try mixing one or two music genres together and put those combinations on your MP3 player.

  4. Timeline playlists: Your music tastes were evolving long before you got your MP3 player. Try mixing a few playlists from earlier music, gradually mixing in other songs that change as your preferences have changed. Walking down the street with your MP3 player, you may be struck with sudden nostalgia, listening to a song from years ago.

  5. Music ratings: One way to collect a lot of great songs for your MP3 player is to sort music by ratings. You can rate songs on your MP3 player as you listen to them and collect the top rated songs into a playlist later on.

  6. Shuffle: There's no substitute for sheer surprise when it comes to enjoying your digital music. Most MP3 players have a random, or "shuffle," feature. You can play and skip through random songs on your MP3 player to rediscover songs you've forgotten.

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