Pet-Friendly Furniture: 3 Things to Consider

Pet-Friendly Furniture: 3 Things to Consider

pet-friendly furniture

Your pet’s shedding and sharp claws can damage your furniture upholstery. Learn how to prevent or clean up after pet-related damage to keep your furniture looking its best.


Pet-Friendly Furniture Materials

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For the lowest level of maintenance, invest in treated, dirt-resistant fabrics. Microfiber furniture offers a tight weave that doesn’t snag claws or attract hair, and the synthetic construction wards off stains. Leather is widely considered the best sofa material for dogs, due to its toughness, smooth surface, and natural odor resistance. These are the easiest couch materials to clean — simply wipe down or vacuum the fabric to keep looking fresh.


Scratch and Puncture Resistance

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Cats scratch to relieve stress and mark territory, so protect your couch by using a slipcover. You can also discourage scratching by choosing furniture with hard, exposed frames and smooth fabrics. Again, microfiber and other synthetics come in handy here, featuring tight weaves that are difficult to snag or pull. The best couch material for cats with claws is leather upholstery, which has a thick, smooth texture that can withstand tearing. A leather conditioner can help keep the couch surface strong and supple.


Pet Hair Proofing

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To keep your furniture from developing its own fur coat, choose upholstery resistant to pet hair. Textured fabrics will attract and adhere to pet hair. Instead, look to fabrics with a low or nonexistent nap to keep your furniture fuzz-free. If your pet frequently sheds, choose a solid color fabric that blends with their hair. Dark or patterned fabrics can help hide any accidental stains and discolorations.


Even if your pet is not allowed on your furniture, their hair and dander is likely to shed and dirty the upholstery. Avoid furniture fabrics like patterned tweed and nubby chenille — while they can disguise pet hair, the strands actually fall through the fabrics’ open weaves. The loose fibers also tend to catch claws.

The fastest, simplest way to protect your sofa from your pets is by investing in a durable slipcover. For shopping tips, check out our full guide on How to Choose a Slipcover.