Perfect Pairs: Table Lamps & Headboards

Perfect Pairs: Table Lamps & Headboards

Matching Table Lamps and Headboards

When set on a nightstand next to your bed, a table lamp offers the perfect amount of light for reading a book or softly illuminating the room. But more than that, the right table lamp will complement your surrounding furniture and decor to make your bedroom shine in more ways than one. Since a stylish headboard is often the focal point of a bedroom, it's important that it and your table lamp share a cohesive look. These tips will help you bring home a matching headboard and table lamp that go great together. For more advice, see How to Pick the Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom.


The perfect pair of modern table lamps and headboards

Neutrals are the secret to finding a gorgeous Modern bedroom combination. A white, grey, or black panel headboard is a good place to start. Modern-style headboards can be upholstered, tufted, or polished wood or metal, but should be simpler in design and shape – think minimalist rectangles or basic cutout patterns. Sleek black and white table lamps are safe choices to complement your Modern headboard, but you could also opt for a lamp with a clear crystal base to make a stylish statement. Shiny metallic table lamps in a chrome or silver finish will also fit right into a Modern design.


The perfect pair of traditional  table lamps and headboards

For a tried-and-true bedroom look that's versatile and timeless, give a Traditional lamp and headboard pairing a try. Whether you go with a classic leather wingback headboard or a plush and velvety tufted one, you'll create a welcoming bed with a defined style. Your bedside table lamp should reflect the type of headboard you choose. A headboard with a unique cutout shape calls for a more noticeable lamp – you may want to consider a patterned base or something with more texture. As far as lamp color is concerned, you can't go wrong with a refined bronze or brass. More vibrant colors are appropriate too, if they complement your headboard.


The perfect pair of glam table lamps and headboards

Glam style brings out the luxury and comfort hidden in every space. Use a high-class headboard and table lamp to take your bedroom decor to the next level. A white, cream, or pastel headboard that's tufted and plush will go a long way in making your bedroom look like it's fit for royalty. Pair it with a table lamp that's fashionable with a touch of glitz. Glass or crystal table lamps sparkle and shine, lending to the overall glamour of the room. White and gold lamps also carry a casual elegance that makes them the perfect companion for a Glam bedroom ensemble.


The perfect pair of Contemporary table lamps and headboards

Be bold with a Contemporary pairing that shows off your unmistakable style. Don't be afraid to choose a colorful headboard that makes a statement. Whether it's tufted and soft, simply upholstered, or patterned metal, go with a headboard design that stands out without being gaudy. Glass or crystal table lamps make an impact in a Contemporary setting, along with chrome and other shiny metals. Or, opt for a rectangular lamp that will grab attention with its additional width.


The perfect pair of ecletic  table lamps and headboards

Mix and match different elements to find a bohemian combination that fits your unique personality. Not being married to a single design gives you the freedom to flaunt your favorite features and characteristics. To keep your bedroom a cohesive style experience, try to keep your headboard and lamp in similar or complementary colors. Channel your inner boho style when you make your own perfect pair!


The perfect pair of coastal  table lamps and headboards

Transform your bedroom into a breezy Coastal paradise with a beach-inspired headboard and table lamp. Whether you go with a nautical blue, patterned, or natural woven headboard, you'll enjoy the oceanside vibe it brings to your space. Since blues and whites make up much of a Coastal palette, use your table lamp as an opportunity to bring in whatever color complements your headboard. Dark-colored headboards call for lighter-colored lamps and vice versa. Natural elements are an important part of Coastal style as well, so consider using a driftwood lamp or a rattan or wicker headboard if you want to employ rougher textures in your bedroom.