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Perfect Pairs: Floor Lamps & End Tables

Perfect Pairs: Floor Lamps & End Tables

Matching Floor Lamps and End Tables

Lighting and furniture both have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home. That's why it's so important to pick light fixtures and furniture pieces that complement each other while packing a style punch. Check out these must-have pairings of floor lamps and end tables for your living room and discover the perfect set for your space.


The perfect pair of modern floor lamps and end tables

For a Modern look that's stylish and sleek, choose a bold floor lamp that won't go unnoticed. Lamps in a simple, glossy black or ones made from dark, polished metals will be right at home, or opt for an arc floor lamp that will really stand out. Pair your Modern floor lamp with an uncomplicated metal-legged end table for the perfect complement. A circular or triangular tabletop with a light-colored wood or white finish will look best. Make sure the legs of your table match the body of your floor lamp to really tie the two together. For something eye-catching and unique, a concrete end table is sure to establish a Modern vibe.


The perfect pair of glam floor lamps and end tables

Capture the high-fashion feel of Glam design with a gold-colored metallic floor lamp that is sure to light up your room with style. Bolder is better, so don't be afraid to choose a unique lamp body with a little personality. Stacked spheres or other geometric patterns will really set your Glam floor lamp apart. Match it with an end table that incorporates the same kinds of design elements, including the must-have gold finish, for a complementary pairing that shines. A glass, gold, or silver tabletop is the perfect surface for your Glam end table.

Mid-Century Modern

The perfect pair of Mid-Century modern floor lamps and end tables

Mid-Century Modern brings a standout quality to lighting and decor. Mid-Century floor lamps keep up a Modern look, but with a 1960s flair that makes a statement. Sputnik and arc floor lamps in black or chrome are both Mid-Mod essentials that radiate style. Unique geometric-shaped end tables pair well with these types of lamps. You can't go wrong with dark metal legs and light wood tabletops to usher in a classically trendy vibe and tie your furnishings together. These Mid-Century Modern matches will shine in any living room.


The perfect pair of traditional floor lamps and end tables

Celebrate the classics with a Traditional lamp and end table combo. If you're a fan of classy construction and warm wood tones, then you'll love Traditional furniture and lighting. The rich look of a cherry or walnut finish lends a polish to both Traditional end tables and floor lamps. A dark metal finish, such as oil-rubbed bronze, is another Traditional element that looks great on an understated floor lamp. Pair it with a metal-legged end table for an antiqued look that emanates old-world charm.


The perfect pair of ecletic floor lamps and end tables

Mix and match floor lamps and end tables to create your own perfect pair. Pieces with contrasting colors and finishes are a good place to start. If your home decor method is a unique mixture of influences, then shopping for a set style may hold you back from an inspiring combination. Be bold and confident in choosing a floor lamp and end table that best complements your dream boho design.