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Perfect Pairs: Ceiling Lights and Dining Chairs

Perfect Pairs: Ceiling Lights and Dining Chairs

Matching Ceiling Lights and Dining Chairs

Nothing sets off a stylish dining room like complementary lighting and furniture. Finding ceiling lights and dining chairs that go well together is a major part of tying your dining room together. Check out these perfect pairs that reflect a range of popular design styles and draw some inspiration for your dining space.

Mid-Century Modern

The perfect pair of modern ceiling lights and dining chairs

Funky lighting is a hallmark of Mid-Century Modern style. Use it to give your dining room a cool, updated '60s vibe. Sputnik chandeliers and pendants, along with other multi-arm fixtures, are a perfect fit for a Mid-Century dining area. Pair the color of your chandelier or pendant with the legs of your dining chairs for eye-catching results. A chrome pendant dazzles above white linen or leather dining chairs with matching chrome legs. All-wood dining chairs have their place in a Mid-Century dining room as well – sleek, polished black chairs go well with a darker-bodied ceiling light, and curved-back chairs in a lighter natural wood work with a variety of lighting styles.


The perfect pair of traditional  ceiling lights and dining chairs

Traditional lighting promises a classic look that's versatile and elegant. Candle-shaped bulbs, gold details, and clear or frosted glass are common elements found in many Traditional fixtures. Pendants and chandeliers in this style are often distinguishable only by size – chandeliers typically feature a more elaborate construction with additional bulbs. Classic high-backed dining chairs share a similar elegance, whether they are wood-framed or fully upholstered. Neutral fabrics are the key to dining chairs that will complement almost any variation of Traditional lighting.


The perfect pair of glam ceiling lights and dining chairs

Capture the glitz and gloss of Glam design with opulent lighting and luxurious dining furniture. Drum pendants in white, gold, or chrome lend a lavish style to your dining space, which can be perfectly complemented with plush dining chairs. Stick with light-colored velvety fabrics that enhance a bright and luxe atmosphere. Pastel- and neutral-colored dining chairs with tufted backs allow more elaborate light fixtures to take center stage, while bold-patterned chairs draw the eye with a splash of personality. To enjoy next-level glamour, opt for a chandelier-style pendant light made from crystal or glass.


The perfect pair of  coastal ceiling lights and dining chairs

Create a stunning Coastal ambiance with ocean-inspired lighting and dining chairs. Elegant pendant lights with intricate designs will elevate your dining decor – the cascading prisms of beaded pendants and shaped glass-and-chrome fixtures imitate the natural beauty of flowing water and elaborate coral formations. Introduce an element of soft comfort with upholstered wooden-legged dining chairs in navy, white, or cream. If you want a more rugged Coastal feel, then woven dining chairs made from wicker or rattan will lend to an island vibe. For a bolder look, use the more vibrant pinks and blues of a Coastal palette to influence your chair and pendant choices.


The perfect pair of eclectic ceiling lights and dining chairs

If your dining room is a functional mix-and-match of decor elements and styles, then you have the freedom to get creative with your lighting and furniture. To maintain some consistency, choose light fixtures and chairs with similar tones, finishes, or textures. However, a wild card pairing can sometimes be just what a dining room needs to shake things up and breathe new life into your space. Realize your own eclectic style with a match that's perfectly suited to your unique room.