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Patio Privacy Ideas for a Secluded Outdoor Space
Outdoor patio with a privacy fence Image Provided by Kristin Dion Design

Reclaim your patio space as an extended living area with outdoor privacy solutions that keep it seriously secluded. Whether you’re blocking out your neighbors or hiding any unattractive views beyond your property line, we’ve listed our top patio privacy ideas to keep your space secure.

Outdoor patio with outdoor curtains lining the gazebo. Image Provided by Lady's Little Loves

Intimate Conversation Spot

Your backyard is the perfect place for a quiet conversation. While you’re in the middle of a particularly personal story with your bestie, the last thing you want to hear is “howdy neighbor!” Nip any unwanted social advances in the bud by hanging outdoor curtains that allow patio privacy.


Sure, you may still have to speak in hushed tones when relaying the spicier gossip, but within the shelter of privacy curtains, the possibility of unwanted and accidental eye contact is non-existent — as is the risk of interruption. Standard white curtains offer an ethereal feel that lends itself well to shabby chic or coastal styles. Feel free to switch up the material’s color and pattern to better match your personal style.

Outdoor patio with a wooden fence Image Provided by Kristin Dion Design

Fenced-In Free-For-All

When it’s that time of day that your kids start getting extra rowdy, you can be shameless in your decision to kick them outside when your yard’s security rivals Fort Knox. Batten down the hatches with a patio fence that keeps your family safe and provides a stylish border for your yard. A tall, wooden privacy fence takes care of outsider’s wandering eyes and your kids’ general wandering.


Try ornamental wrought iron fencing when you want to replicate a gothic feel or sleek and simple iron fencing for an industrial style design. A decorative trellis still maintains visual privacy, and with the addition crawling vines and flowers, it gives your yard a soft, romantic appeal.

Large planters lining the outdoor patio Image Provided by Angela Blehm

Potted Plant Hideaway

For a more natural looking solution to a private outdoor space, turn to the vegetable kingdom. Tall planters filled with even taller shrubs and trees are a clear choice for backyard seclusion. Stylish pots accent your yard with elegance and charm as luscious living greens conceal all your outdoor activities from gardening to lawn games.


Keep in mind the sun and water requirements as you select your plants. They won’t help much with outdoor privacy if they don’t grow. Aim for planters that accentuate your chosen outdoor look. Galvanized metal is an ideal planter material for farmhouse-styled patios while heavy urns imbue the classic touch of traditional outdoor decor.

Black outdoor gazebo Image Provided by Fiddle Leaf Interiors

Private Outdoor Dining

Small or large, your backyard has a place for a gazebo. A simple pop-up gazebo or modern permanent structure can give your outdoor space new life and designated zones. Set up an outdoor privacy seating area in the comfort of the gazebo’s shade or position your dining space to take advantage of the intimate setting. The style options don’t vary much with gazebos, so you can go with anything that strikes your fancy and matches your patio decor. Add an extra dose of patio privacy and stylish flair with a gazebo that has curtains.

Wooden patio privacy screen

Screened-In Sunbathing Oasis

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect sunny spot to work on your tan but it’s in full view of your neighbor’s bedroom window, do you summon some body confidence or quietly fume? The answer is easy: neither! You pull out your outdoor privacy screen and arrange it to block the neighbor’s window without sacrificing your sun. And tomorrow when you want enjoy a secluded breakfast on the patio, just move the screen to secure the space.


Outdoor privacy screens come in a slew of different colors and materials, which means that you’re sure to find one that fits your patio style. Woven fiber in neutral hues makes for coastal-themed outdoor privacy while shiny metallics scream glam. Might as well get a few to make sure all your outdoor areas are covered.

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