10 Designer Patio Ideas to Copy Right Now

10 Designer Patio Ideas to Copy Right Now

So you want a gorgeous patio with an intentional, thought-out design, but you don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. Click through these 10 designer patios and choose a style that speaks to your soul. Whether you replicate the design to a tee or simply embrace the spirit of the style is up to you. For a more in-depth ‘how-to’ on patio decorating, read our Best Patio Decorating Ideas.

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    Clean Cut Contemporary

    Embrace simplicity with a contemporary design that leaves no room for clutter. A patio sofa in a neutral beige paired with identical chairs is easy on the eyes, while a woven outdoor rug adds texture and comfort. Now all you need is a couple throw pillows for color and your design is good to go.

  • Outdoor patio decorated in a boho style Image Provided by Old Brand New
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    Blissful Boho

    When boho is the goal, bold patterns are a must. Try piling colorful striped pillows on an outdoor sofa or armchair. Comfort is key, so fill the space with seating to accommodate everyone from invited guests to surprise drop-ins — the more the merrier! Your boho patio is just a click away.

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    Modern Chic

    Give your patio a look that’s fresh and clean by embracing a colorful modern style. Sleek lines and minimal accessories are where it’s at in this space. You can’t go wrong with square furniture in a grid-like arrangement and a few throw pillows to add some color. If you need more help arranging your patio, take a look at How to Build Outdoor Living Spaces.

  • Patio decorated in a coastal style Image Provided by House Becomes Home
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    Casual Coastal

    Reel in the wicker for a coastal patio that transports you beachside the moment you sit down. Plush outdoor pillows in shades of blue will up the cozy quotient of your outdoor furniture and encourage you to relax. Throw in a palm tree and mood-lighting lanterns and you’ll be soaking up the sun in no time.

  • Patio decorated in a tropical glam style Image Provided by At Home With Ashley
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    Tropical Glam

    Feeling fancy? Go glam with a tropical twist. We’re digging these bamboo chairs, white washed for that clean glam look and accented with pink cushions. Mix chic metallics into your place settings with a tropics-worthy table runner. With this setup, every outdoor meal will feel like a getaway. Read our guide on Designing Summer Tablescapes for more tips.

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    Stylish and Striped

    Choose a statement pattern for simple patio styling. This striped rug sets a preppy tone and establishes the seating space. Once you add in your sofa of choice and a few color-coordinating throws, your space will be lounge ready. Lemonade, anyone?

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    Bold and Black

    Don’t be afraid to bust out the black. Using black as the focus of your patio design helps to create a sophisticated setup. Look for ways to add a touch of black with accented furniture and decorative accessories, like these planters. A patio this elegant is begging for a classy cocktail party. You can easily transition this look into fall, use this Fall Patio Furnishings guide for tips.

  • Outdoor patio with rattan chairs Image Provided by Hutomo Abrianto
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    Restful Resort Chic

    Take your vacation home with a quaint poolside seating area that offers all the flair of an aquatic retreat without a resort-size space. Stay symmetrical with matching rattan armchairs separated by a coordinating side table that’s perfect for holding an icy cold beverage. With a seating area this perfect, you might find yourself waiting for a cabana boy to refill your drink. Looking for more ways to decorate around your pool? Read our Pool Deck Decorating Ideas.

  • Outdoor patio swing with pattern pillows Arrow & Lace Designs
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    Playful and Patterned

    You can design your whole patio around something as small as a patterned pillow. Choose your color palette based on a pattern and add accessories in those shades. A neutral white foundation lets your pattern of choice shine. Don’t forget an eye-catching centerpiece and a spot to set your morning cup of joe.

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    Classic and Colorful

    Sometimes all your patio needs is a splash of well-coordinated colors. Accent a matching outdoor furniture set with a bright statement rug and a few plush pillows. This aqua area rug breaks up the neutral cream and natural wood on the patio and gives the space life. Follow suit using your favorite summer shades, carefully coordinated of course.