Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Welcoming Space

Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Welcoming Space

Outdoor patio with accent lighting strung over the dining set.

Adapt the perfect outdoor lighting for elegant entertaining, backyard barbecues, and al fresco family dinners for years to come. These outdoor lighting ideas will help you strike an ideal balance between function and style.


Try Hanging Lights for an Overhead Glow

Outdoor pendant

Your patio’s overhead lighting dictates the style and ambiance for the space. To give your patio dinner party a modern touch, set the mood with a rustic metal pendant. For elegance, hang a chandelier. A chandelier’s delicate features lend to a romantic storybook setting for a date night at home. Both lighting options give off a focused light for cozy outdoor seating.


Up Your Comfort Level With a Lighted Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If hot summer days are keeping you from enjoying your patio to the fullest, hanging a ceiling fan will let you call up a refreshing breeze whenever you like, plus it will keep those pesky flying bugs at bay. Opting for a casual fan style with an understated light will maintain the relaxed vibes of a farmhouse patio while illuminating your outdoor space.


Set the Scene for Conversation With Twinkle Lights

Outdoor Twinkle Lights

Summer night get-togethers call for plenty of accent lighting to bring out the best in your yard or patio. Zig-zag strands of twinkling lights overhead for special events. The glow of string lights hanging above your head can help create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for winding down the evening next to your partner or spouse.


Add Warmth and Style With a Tabletop Lamp

Outdoor Table Lamp

Even when you’re not prepping for a party, outdoor accent lights have a welcoming quality that will draw you outside and keep you there well after the sun sets. Brighten up conversation areas with the soft light from a small tabletop lamp. If you’re renting a home, these accent lights are great temporary fixtures for outdoor lighting that’s non-intrusive.


Create an Easygoing Ambiance With Floor Lanterns

Outdoor floor lanterns

Floor lanterns let you light up your patio space without sacrificing style. Most wooden lanterns will give your patio a bohemian touch, but you can also find lanterns that lean more traditional. No one knows your patio better than you, so choose lighting in a finish or color that goes well with your existing design style.


Highlight Your Home's Features With Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights

Don’t let your home fade into the shadows at nightfall. Outdoor wall sconces will ensure your carefully designed landscape and polished home exterior can be seen. Whether framing your front door or accenting your back porch, sconces can boost your curb appeal by highlighting your home’s best features.


Line a Long Walkway With Lamp Posts or Torches

Garden torch

Lamp posts and torches are stylish answers to pathway lighting. If you have a long driveway, you can line it with multiple lights, or you can use a single lamp post or torch to let visitors know where your walkway begins. You’ll infuse your yard with a vintage-inspired look and help evening guests make it to your door without trampling your lawn.


Secure Peace of Mind With Motion Sensors

Motion sensor flood light

Motion sense flood lights fill an outdoor area with light at the first sign of movement. They make it easier to see when taking out the trash or grabbing the mail in the dark. Strategically place motion sensor stake lights and spotlights to help guests get to their car at the end of the night and deter uninvited visitors with bad intentions. You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your home is safer.