Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Outdoor dinner parties give you a chance to get to know your neighbors and socialize with friends and family. Pulling off a porch party, deck cookout, or patio potluck in your outdoor space, however, requires a bit of planning and the right supplies for your theme. When you’re looking for outdoor dinner party ideas, head to Overstock for everything you need to make your event a success.

Types of Outdoor Dinner Parties

Outdoor dinner party themes range from casual to lavish, depending on the occasion you’re celebrating and who’s planning on attending. Casual events include a game day dinner party, backyard campfire, or BBQ cook-off, while more upscale gatherings include a wine pairing dinner or potluck dinner party. Knowing the ins and outs of having dinner outside at each type of party helps ensure your guests are comfortable throughout and leave your outdoor space full of delicious food and happy to have attended your gathering.

Game Day Dinner Party

Planning outside dining for the game-day noffers a fun, casual way to spend time with friends and family. More than just an occasion for outdoor dinner parties, game day has its sense of excitement, so planning stations for games like cornhole keeps spirits high and everyone ready for the main event. If the game takes place at night, don’t fret — Overstock has outdoor lighting and ceiling fans to brighten your entertainment space and keep guests cool on hotter evenings.

Think casual comfort when planning outdoor dining decor for game day. These parties are typically rustic events, with paper and plastic table settings as the norm, and outdoor dining table decor that features team logos can make your event more lively and memorable. Set out team coolers filled with beverages so guests can grab their own while you make everyone a burger or hot dog using grills and outdoor cooking accessories.

Pairing Menu Dinner Party

More upscale than game day, these occasions are typically adults-only events, giving you and your friends a chance to relax without the kids in tow. Likewise, they’re usually fancier than standard cookouts and require special outdoor dinner party accessories. For example, ice buckets ensure your favorite vintages stay at the ideal temperature, while wine glasses designed for outdoor use let you and your guests sip with confidence.

Another key to a successful pairing menu dinner party is having outdoor dining sets that accommodate multiple guests. Choose sets for four people for intimate gatherings or options for eight or twelve if you prefer bigger events. Large outdoor dining tables that easily support multiple cutting boards full of tasty cheeses, meats, and other charcuterie staples let guests enjoy their wine and create a stress-free ambiance for relaxation and socializing.

BBQ Cook-Off Dinner Party

Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to compete in a healthy fashion with a cook-off-style dinner party. Similar to game day, BBQ cook-off dinner parties are casual events with lots of energy and excitement. You can supply tables for guests to support portable grills and small cooktops or let them bring their own, depending on what’s most convenient.

Use patio furniture such as outdoor buffets to set up a taste-testing line and cozy seating sets with outdoor cushions to maintain guest comfort. Casual dinnerware like plastic spoons, forks, and knives and outdoor tableware like paper plates and plastic cups ensure guests have just what they need to enjoy the meal while enabling quick cleanup when everyone goes home for the evening.

Backyard Campfire Dinner Party

Whether you’re in the city or country, a backyard campfire lets you enjoy the great outdoors on chilly nights in comfort and warmth. Fire pits and chimineas surrounded by patio chairs or benches break the chill and create a cozy ambiance for meals and conversation, especially for intimate gatherings. Farmhouse decor featuring distressed finishes and shabby-chic themes lends authenticity to your event while roasting sticks and forks let guests cook their own hot dogs over the fire for added fun.

Potluck Dinner Party

Somewhere between casual and upscale, these types of outdoor gatherings give friends and family a chance to sample each other’s cooking. Because you’re not doing all the cooking yourself, a potluck dinner party can give hosts more time to relax with friends and socialize. Large tables and buffets provide room for guests to spread out their offerings in an easily accessible way.

Create a separate area for dining by arranging outdoor sofas and sectionals to encourage conversation. You can make this space more comfortable and inviting by adding natural outdoor decor elements such as planters, hangers, and stands to your patio or deck.

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