Outdoor Cooking Essentials for Your Backyard Barbecue

Outdoor Cooking Essentials for Your Backyard Barbecue

Outdoor grilling essentials
Cooking outdoors is a major family moment, and your grill master's station will set the scene. To get the most out of how your outdoor kitchen looks and cooks, consider investing in quality tools. With the right outdoor cooking equipment and accessories, your outdoor kitchen area will become the neighborhood hot spot for great-tasting food and long-lasting memories.

Durable Cooking Equipment

Outdoor cooking essentials grill

Do you go with the trusty camping griddle or the deluxe, state-of-the-art BBQ island? The climate, kitchen dimensions, and utility connections possible for your outdoor kitchen space will all help determine which type of outdoor cooking equipment you purchase.

For a quality outdoor grill, oven, or smoker, look for an appliance that’s sleek and made to last. It should be rust-resistant and easy to clean. For example, a powder coating is often sought-after for outdoor cooking equipment to prevent rain and humidity from discoloring the exterior.

Because of all the surrounding gas, smoke, and grease. it’s also important keep your outdoor cooking area well-ventilated with an outdoor fan, portable air conditioner, or a vent hood.

Versatile Grilling Accessories

Outdoor cooking accessories

There’s nothing like the sizzle of a perfectly charred steak slapping the grill. Depending on your level of cooking mastery, you may invest in a utensil kit to help it along. Have a few basic outdoor grilling tools on standby, like a thermometer, grill brush, spatula, and a pair of tongs. Every hostess will also want to invest in protective coverings, such as an apron set and gloves, as well as a grill jacket for your outdoor cooking equipment.

Add-ons like a warming drawer or side burner allow you to enjoy a leisurely evening with your loved ones as sauces and sides are kept toasty. From a sear station to a rotisserie, there are endless, even glamorous, options for grilling accessories to spice up your outdoor cooking equipment.

Family-Style Serveware

Outdoor cooking essentials serveware

After the grill, the most important element of your outdoor cooking space is the tableware, from the table itself to the placemats, runners, or tablecloth on top. Feel free to swap them out seasonally, as you entertain guests from a classy Easter brunch through a fiery Fourth of July.

If it’s possible to include dry storage in your outdoor kitchen setup, do so. You might use a cheap, simple kitchen cart for a makeshift island. It can hold dishes, glassware, and tasty snacks, and makes it easy to pull up a bar stool to chat with whoever’s playing chef or bartender. On top of the counter, place standard kitchen items like a paper towel holder, serving tray, and cutting board to save you trips inside.

Refreshing Beverage Center

Outdoor cooking essentials beverage tub

After working up a sweat at the grill, you’ll want the drinks kept cold and close by. A simple outdoor-rated fridge or cooler can come in handy for the go-to refreshments. As a hostess, you won’t have to steal away inside to top off someone’s drink, leaving more time to mingle. Even an ice bin or dispenser with a generous supply of summery chilled beverages out in the open provides a welcoming gesture.

For more of bartending curve, consider a wine cooler or a kegerator to stock up on favorites. Adding a blender and assortment of cocktail tools and liqueurs can transform your outdoor kitchen area into a full-on patio bar. Always separate your outdoor cooking and cooling equipment by at least a foot to prevent mechanical failures.

Whether you’re huddling under the heat lamp on a chilly fall day or chatting by the flicker of tiki torches for your summer luau, using your outdoor kitchen can prove to be an all-weather affair. Shop your outdoor cooking essentials at Overstock to get FREE SHIPPING* on everything! To ensure any dining sets included in your al fresco experience can withstand the temperature and climate, learn about the Best Outdoor Materials for Your Patio Furniture.

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