Organic Bedding Fact Sheet

organic bedding
Organic bedding sets and accessories offer a wealth of benefits for people who want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle while keeping allergies at bay. When you're decorating an eco-friendly sleeping space, you can choose from several styles of organic bedding made from all-natural fibers and synthetic-fiber blends. Whether you're looking for a new duvet cover for the guest bedroom or a complete organic cotton bedding ensemble for the master bedroom, there are several reasons to choose an organic bedding set. This organic bedding fact sheet should help you learn more about it.

organic bedding

About Organic Bedding:


Organic bedding can be made with several materials derived from natural plants and fibers. These include cotton, hemp, bamboo, jute, ramie, soy silk, nettle fiber and calico. Many of these fibers are derived from vegetables and plants that have been cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides. These materials may also be blended with biodegradable laminates and colored with non-toxic dyes.


Many people choose organic bedding sets and organic bedding accessories because of health reasons. Organic materials are 100 percent hypoallergenic, so people with allergies who sleep on organic bedding may be able to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. The material also absorbs moisture from the body more efficiently than other types of material. Organic bedding is also beneficial to the environment. Many farmers who provide the plants and fibers to make organic bedding materials use sustainable farming practices and may adhere to fair-trade standards. Some types of organic bedding materials have achieved eco-friendly certification.


Many pieces of the bedding ensemble can be made with organic materials. Types of organic bedding may include mattresses, mattress pads, throws and bedspreads, sheets, baby bedding, duvet covers and comforters, and pillowcases made with organic linens and fabrics. Bedroom accessories, such as throw pillows or body pillows, may be filled with hypoallergenic fill and made with organic fiber cases.


Organic bedding may be suitable for a baby’s room if the newborn is allergic to standard cotton and nylon bedding. A homeowner who wants to be more environmentally conscious can also choose to decorate a room with organic, sustainable fabrics.


Organic bedding sets can be made with several types of natural fabrics, and in some cases, are blended with synthetic materials. Styles of organic bedding may include Jacquard bedding, Jersey-knit bedding, flannel, sateen, silk blends and percale bedding. You can choose from a range of printed patterns and solid colors to complement the theme and style of your bedroom.

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