Top 5 Office Chair Styles

Top 5 Office Chair Styles

Flextime, telecommuting, and full-time remote jobs demand a gorgeous workspace. Whether you’re drawn to big and tall boss chairs or drafting chairs aimed at art, design, and illustration use, there’s a chair that’s just the right fit for your personal style.


Contemporary Office Chairs

Contemporary style has a clean, uncluttered aesthetic that helps you keep your focus on your work. But fuss-free doesn’t mean your office chair has to be boring. Pamper yourself with velvety soft upholstery or pops of turquoise and fuchsia from colorful mesh-back chairs.


Modern Office Chairs

Ergonomic design makes many modern office chairs the perfect fit for long days or high-intensity jobs, so lean into that lumbar support cushion or contoured back. For example, a polished leather executive chair not only makes you look good on video calls — the plush padding will keep you comfortable while you read contracts or code your latest project.


Industrial Office Chairs

An industrial style office stool’s compact dimensions make it just right for small alcoves and multifunctional spaces. Pick up an armless and backless model for the freedom of movement you need for painting projects or hands-on assembly. Stools with caster wheels are ideal if you work in a large, open room and often scoot from workstation to workstation.


Generally, pieces in this category aren’t meant for extended periods of use, but you can still find some ergonomically minded designs. Drafting stools, for example, usually add armrests, mesh backs, and saddle seats for greater comfort during long creative sessions. Work out a case of the fidgets while you strengthen your core muscles on a wobble stool, or align your spine with a kneeling stool.


Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

Mid-century modern style celebrates smooth, organic curves and natural wood grains, giving your office a fun yet functional sensibility. Appealing details like tufted upholstery and goldtone finish let you elevate your mood and your office decor.


Pair your mid-century modern chair with a writing desk or a console table to create an instant office with retro style, or sip coffee over your morning e-mails from the comfort of a padded task chair.


Vintage and Bohemian Office Chairs

A boho office chair has singular style, making it perfect for multi-use spaces such as a living room office or bedroom writing desk. Start meetings with your clients from a channel-tufted office chair, or perch at your drafting table on a retro upholstered stool.


From fluffy sherpa upholstery to timeless nailhead accents, these office chairs are all about distinctive details. Vintage and boho office chairs celebrate color and texture, so emphasize your free-spirited creativity with a pop of retro style or an alluringly textured cushion.