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Top 3 Features You Need in a Comfortable Office Chair

Top 3 Features You Need in a Comfortable Office Chair

Everybody gets more accomplished when they’re comfortable, so when it’s time to upgrade the furniture in your home office, start with your work chair. Consider these office chair features to find the perfect companion piece for your productivity center.


Relieve Back Pain with an Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to increase both comfort and productivity. With high backs and thickly padded seats and armrests, ergonomic chairs can significantly cut down on back pain caused by long sessions at your desk. The lumbar support makes it easy to maintain proper posture throughout your workday by keeping your pelvis and hips properly aligned.


Ergonomic chairs often sport height and tilt adjustability options, allowing short users to lower the seat and tall users to raise it as needed to keep their feet comfortably flat on the floor.


Add Easy Movement With an Armless Office Chair

If you’re working with a tight office space or a short desk, consider an armless office chair. The design lets you scoot the chair closer to the desk or even tuck the chair under it. Armless office chairs are also ideal if you regularly get out of your chair and move around your workspace during the day.


Armless office chairs are perfect if you’re on a tight budget. While leather finishes and wood construction are a bit more upscale, you can find some simple plastic chairs at very affordable prices.


Increase Office Access With a Swivel Office Chair

A swivel office chair is the perfect solution if you’re working behind a large L- or U-shaped desk. This kind of chair gives you 360 degrees of movement, letting you effortlessly switch between your desk’s multiple surfaces without missing a beat.


Most swivel chairs also feature wheels on the legs, which can save you time if you need to move between multiple work areas throughout the day. Locking casters on the wheels make it easy to keep wheeled chairs in place when you need a more stable seat.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile office chair that lets you move around your work area with ease or an adjustable option that allows you to fine-tune your seat’s height. Check out our guide to Office Chair Sizes for more on finding support for your specific needs.