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Nightstand Buying Guide

Nightstand Buying Guide

A nightstand is an essential piece of bedroom furniture that makes a stylish and functional addition to the side of your bed. These bedside tables serve multiple purposes, such as providing convenient storage within arm’s reach of your bed and bringing balance to your room’s arrangement. With a variety of available styles and features, you’ll be sure to find a nightstand to fit all your needs. Here are some important attributes to consider that will help you determine the perfect nightstand to complement your bedroom.

Nightstand Considerations:




Find a nightstand as tall as the top of your mattress for a consistent look and a surface that’s at a usable level. For beds with mattress pads or tall bases, find a taller nightstand to match. Low-profile nightstands will look better with shorter beds. Place your nightstands a few inches away from the side of your bed to allow room for your blankets and sheets to hang over the edge and to prevent any accidental collisions when you sleep on the edge of your bed.


Surface Area

The top of your nightstand should have enough room for a table lamp, an alarm clock, and anything else you want within reach of your bed. If your nightstand tends to accumulate a lot of items, pick a nightstand with plenty of surface area on top. You can save space on your nightstand for essential items by moving framed photos to your walls, trading table lamps for wall sconces, and keeping other items in the nightstand’s drawers.


Storage Space

Nightstands with drawers or shelves allow space for you to store all your bedside necessities. Choose a nightstand with multiple drawers or doors to keep all your items stored out of sight, or pick a bedside table with an open shelf to display a stack of books or hold a basket of loose items. If you don’t require as much bedside storage, there are sleeker options available with one or no drawers and an open construction.



The material your nightstand is made from will have a big impact on the style and feel of your bedroom. A natural wood nightstand with distinguished brass or iron hardware enhances a traditional-style bedroom, while nightstands with polished metal or glass accents make better contemporary accents. Choose a more solid and balanced nightstand if you plan on it supporting a heavy lamp or storing bulky items.



Coordinate the color of your nightstand with the palette of your room, but remember that lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. A white nightstand, metal nightstand, or glass nightstand can help bring in extra light to a bedroom, while a black or cherry nightstand is a tasteful complement that tones down a bright room.


Matching Pieces

An easy way to create a uniform look in your bedroom is to purchase your nightstand as a part of a bedroom set. This will let you curate a perfectly matching look between your nightstands, bed, dressers, and other pieces of bedroom furniture. If you prefer to mix and match your other furniture, using complementary nightstands will help keep a cohesive look.