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Combining Home Decor Styles

Creating a home with your significant other is an exciting part of a budding relationship. With the merging of households comes the exciting challenge of uniting unique furniture, color stories, and decor into a cohesive look. Designing a harmonious home comes down to compromise and communication. Whether you’ve just tied the knot or have decided to move in together, blending your lives — and your personal styles — takes patience, respect, and planning. Before you begin your journey of building a home with your significant other, check out our inspirational guide on how to combine your home decor styles.

Moving In Together

Take Stock - Newlyweds Combining Your Decorating Styles

Take Stock

You’ve decided to take the plunge and move in together. Now it’s time to consolidate your belongings as you blend your lives and lifestyles. The first step to merging your things is to take stock of your stuff. Duplicates are bound to come up, so use this opportunity to set aside things you’d like to keep, toss, sell, or donate. Take some time to go through your furniture together to decide what stays and what goes. For items that you simply can’t agree on, consider making a trade-off. If you can’t live without your favorite coffee table, let him have his favorite chair. Compromise is the key to blending your belongings.

Consider Your Space - Newlyweds Combining Your Decorating Styles

Consider Your Space

Keep your new digs in mind when taking inventory of your things to figure out what will and won’t work in the space. This will help you narrow down what to keep and what to get rid of. If you’re unsure about whether a piece of furniture will fit in your new home, take a moment to measure the room. For furniture pieces that just don’t fit your new space, consider selling them and putting the money toward a better-fitting ensemble. Knowing the amount of space you’re working with will ultimately help you stay organized and choose the right furniture.

Design Plan - Newlyweds Combining Your Decorating Styles

Make a Design Plan

Moving in together means you have the opportunity to start fresh with your decor. A great place to begin is to get a sense for each of your design preferences, and then make an inspiration board of your favorite looks. For couples who have differing tastes, focusing on your similarities can help create a harmonious design. If you share a love of a particular color or furniture style, emphasize those parallels. Couples who have very different tastes can create a cohesive look by using an overall neutral color palette to bring their distinct styles together. It’s important to remember that planning out a home takes time. Give yourselves time to acquire the items you absolutely love.

Shop Together - Newlyweds Combining Your Decorating Styles

Shop Together

After consolidating your things, it’s time to shop! Shopping for items to decorate your new home can be a great bonding moment for you and your significant other. Take time to look for furniture and decor that reflect your shared vision and sense of style. Doing a little research before hitting the shops will help you narrow down your search and make more confident purchases. If you’re merging color stories, look for accessories that complement both color schemes and will tie the looks together. Fill gaps in your decor with basic pieces to avoid competing with your other furniture.

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