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New Trends in Right-Hand Diamond Rings

New Trends in Right-Hand Diamond Rings

New Trends in Right-Hand Diamond Rings
As a reward for your ambition, a right-hand diamond ring is a ring that you buy for yourself. It symbolizes your independence and your good fortune in life. A right-hand diamond ring isn't a diamond ring that you have to wait for or use to make a major commitment. The right-hand ring is a symbol of your success and should fit your personality. New trends in diamond rings allow you to choose the perfect ring for yourself. Diamond jewelry is a major investment, so use these new trends to sort through right-hand diamond rings and find the most beautiful one for your jewelry collection.
New Trends in Right-Hand Diamond Rings

Right-Hand Diamond Ring Trends:

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are fashionable in all forms. Diamond-covered stackable rings, especially, are very extravagant. Choosing stackable right-hand rings allow you to opt for just a bit of sparkle or go all out. Wear three, four or even five diamond rings on your right hand to sparkle and shine every day or wear just one or two rings when you want to tone it down.

Gemstone Accents

Diamonds don’t have to stand alone in right-hand rings; gemstones are a popular decoration for diamond jewelry. Consider a right-hand diamond ring that incorporates your birthstone as part of the design. Brightly colored gemstones will enhance a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.

Fancy Diamonds

Fancy diamonds are also called colored diamonds. Colored diamonds come in many different hues, from pink and yellow to black and grey. Bright blue, green and orange diamonds are also available. If you want a unique right-hand diamond ring, look for fancy diamonds to brighten the jewelry.

Estate Rings

If modern rings don’t interest you, then consider estate rings. Estate rings are antique rings or vintage rings from an estate sale. Antique rings are very much in fashion once again, and many vintage diamond rings make the perfect right-hand diamond ring. Some of these rings have unique diamonds and stones as well as styling that simply isn’t available in contemporary jewelry. Vintage wedding rings and antique cocktail rings may have the perfect amount of diamonds for your right-hand diamond ring.