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New Trends in Outdoor Lights

by Staff Writer

Garden lights near a lake

When you want to give your garden, yard and patio a massive boost of style, outdoor lights are absolutely essential. Outdoor lights have long been a staple in the toolboxes of professional landscapers, but only recently have they become must-haves among trendsetting homeowners and au fait urbanites. Like other industries that deal in style, such as fashion and cosmetics, outdoor lights are heavily influenced by hot trends. At times, keeping up with the latest and greatest in outdoor lights can feel overwhelming. If you are feeling the pressure associated with finding the most stylish garden lights available, you aren't alone; millions of people experience such anxiety every day. Lighten your yard light load by taking a look at the article below, which will update you on new trends in outdoor lights.

Outdoor Lighting Trends:

  1. Illuminated globes: Looking for sophisticated style in your yard? Think illuminated globes. These yard lights radiate opulence and class -- literally.

  2. Solar power: Over the last few years, energy-saving garden lights, better known as solar lights, have caught the attention of homeowners everywhere. Solar lights are quickly becoming the most popular type of garden and yard lighting. These hip and happening lights make use of the power of the sun to charge their batteries, allowing them to save you enormous amounts of money on your electric bill. Besides being great money savers, solar lights are also excellent for the environment. Solar lights' smart use of natural, renewable sources of energy has made them best-sellers with eco-conscious and budget-conscious consumers alike. They come in a variety of styles and materials, which means it's easy to find the best solar lights for every type of yard and landscaping.

  3. Lantern chic: Garden lanterns have enjoyed landscaping popularity for years, and they continue to be loved around the world for their quaint, classy look. Anyone interested in giving their yard a welcoming, homey style can count on garden lanterns to do the job.

  4. A novel approach: Another popular trend in garden lights is novelty lighting. Novelty outdoor lights are created in a variety of fun and unique shapes. These garden lights are certain to give any yard an extra dash of character. For example, in-the-know hipsters from SoHo to Seattle are dotting their backyards and patios with garden lights in the shape of bears, German Shepherds and more.

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