New Trends in Hotel Bedding

New Trends in Hotel Bedding

Bed with white bedding
Just like fashion, bedding trends come and go. Stay in style by recreating the bedding looks you see in fashionable hotels. Channel the serenity of a vacation spa or the energy of a vibrant city in your bedroom with your sheets, blankets and pillows. Luxurious hotel bedding is sleek and sophisticated, with pops of bold color and traditional clean lines. To stay on top of the latest looks, keep reading. This guide will outline a few new trends in hotel bedding that are sure to transform your bedroom.
Bed with white bedding

Hotel Bedding Trends:


Bold color block bedding

Bold Color Blocking

You don’t have to choose oversized prints or patterns when you want to make a statement in a bedroom. Color blocking, or using large blocks of coordinating colors, will let you explore great design without straying from a modern look. Color blocking keeps your bed looking fresh while offering endless design choices, and color-blocked bedding lets you effortlessly create a designer look. Try ombre-striped bedding with a subtle fade for a bedroom look inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Embroidered bedding

Embroidered Details

Embroidery can look luxurious on a duvet cover. Look for solid colored bedding with one accent color for a breezy bedding option that is easy to style. Nothing is more classic than a white duvet cover with a thick embroidered line along the edges. Used in resorts and hotels around the world, this style of bedding will always bring to mind a simple yet finished look. To add style to your bedding, mix embroidered duvets and pillow shams with patterned throw pillows.

Inspiring hue bedding

Inspiring Hues

Trying a new color combination is a quick way to get out of a style rut. Hotel designers are well versed on the art of a pleasing color palette, and new bedding styles feature original color combinations. Comforter sets look unique without being overbearing, thanks to the use of complementing colors, and simple lines. From rustic orange and grey to earthy lime green and brown, hotel bedding will inspire you to try something new in your bedroom.