How to Design a Natural Bedroom

How to Design a Natural Bedroom

We have a connection to and longing for nature. From sunlight to clean air, nature instantly lifts our moods. Because we’ve been spending more time than ever indoors, we’re finding new ways to bring the outside in. Bedrooms are our sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle, making them the perfect place to start incorporating natural elements. Here are 3 ideas for a natural bedroom.


Add Things That Give You Life

Bringing in soothing natural elements like wood and stone help us feel emotionally charged. Start by identifying natural elements that resonate with you. If you love being around water, consider a peaceful fountain in the corner or on your nightstand. Try nature-scented candles or an oil diffuser to tease your senses. Tree oils, like spruce, pine, coriander, and sandalwood, are hearty, earthy scents to inspire grounded resilience. Plants and flowers can represent the flora abundantly found in Mother Nature. When you find your favorites, using repetition can be easier on the eyes and feel less chaotic. Try matching your wicker nightstands or glass lamps in your natural bedroom to put your mind at ease.


Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural light helps us feel healthy and productive. Consider sheer curtains or bamboo shades that let light through while maintaining privacy. For those short winter days or rooms with few windows, consider bulbs that simulate natural light. Additionally, spring for a shade made of natural materials and an open weave, like this hemp rope one. It allows light to disperse through the room organically.


Incorporate Raw Natural Elements

Materials like wool, shell, concrete, and cotton come together seamlessly in a natural bedroom. For a truly organic approach, consider untreated wood instead of something stained or polished. Elements don’t always have to be textural. They can come through in a print, like wallpaper or bedding. You can see that in the leafy duvet set here. A natural bedroom can also pull in shapes that mimic forms found in nature. The arch of this bedroom’s mirror is the perfect example. Don’t be afraid to use mixed materials either! The smooth, clean mirror contrasted with its fiber fringe helps it feel extra special.

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