Nantucket Style Decor Ideas

Nantucket Style Decor Ideas

Nantucket Style Decor Ideas
Originating from the small island town, Nantucket style is imbued with a charming seaside tone that is expressed in the furniture, architecture, and decorations it incorporates. Whether you live on a coastal island or on the mainland, you can use the rustic nautical elements of this seaside New England style to elevate your home decor.
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Nantucket Style Homes

Nantucket style home exterior

To execute Nantucket style successfully, it is important to keep in mind the locale it comes from. The island’s history is heavily rooted in the fishing and whaling industries, so many Nantucket homes are rustic cottages snugly tucked between lighthouses and wharves. Any well-implemented use of Nantucket style pays homage to these components through color, decoration, and design. For a broader look at decorating inspired by the sea, take a look at our Coastal Furniture & Decor Ideas guide.

Nantucket Style Color Palette

Nantucket style is a sophisticated fusion of the rugged coastal landscape and the genteel refinement of its residents. As such, the color scheme incorporates light and muted shades of blue, off-white, grey, and beige. Splashes of bolder colors like orangey red or coral pink may be used sparingly for emphasis. When in doubt, use fabrics and materials in colors that remind you of sand, the ocean, or a pier full of fishing boats.

Nantucket Style Living Room Decor

Nantucket living room

The living room is usually the first room your guests see when they enter your home, so this is where you should establish the cozy nautical theme. Nantucket style makes effective use of furniture with weathered finishes by blending subtle hints of sophistication with upscale decor pieces. If a piece of furniture looks like it was handmade by a skilled craftsman, it should fit right in.

Unobtrusive and homey furniture emphasizes the cottage aesthetic while a rug woven from natural jute keeps the look grounded. Another key element of Nantucket style is light. Use table and floor lamps with rope detailing or hand-blown glass bases to brighten your decor. Lastly, the living room is an excellent place to have some fun with the oceanic motif by subtly incorporating decor that feature anchors, seashells, boats, and lighthouses.

Nantucket Style Kitchen and Dining Room Decor

Nantucket style dining room

A Nantucket style kitchen is homey, practical, and filled with light. Fish-themed dishware provides functional, informal appeal, while a series of white pendant lights adds subtle illumination to a bar or countertop. For the dining area, a simple chandelier with candelabra bulbs provides ample lighting while contributing to the cottage aesthetic. Large dining tables with curved moldings and weathered finishes in white or beige make wonderful focal points for Nantucket-style dining rooms, especially when surrounded by wicker dining chairs.

Nantucket Style Bedroom Decor

Nantucket style bedroom

When using Nantucket style decor in the bedroom, the goal should be to create a space that is both whimsical and tranquil. A weathered bookshelf or nightstand in a sandy brown color feels cozy and casual, while a simple, unassuming wooden bedframe with a blue bedspread complements the look. Finish the room with nautical wall decorations and fish or seashell elements to make for a playfully relaxing aesthetic.