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Movado Watch Fact Sheet

by Rob Wagner

Two-tone stainless steel Movado watch

Movado watches are highly-stylized luxury watches. Movado creates watches that are like small pieces of art and many people enjoy collecting these gorgeous timepieces. Movado is known for its contemporary, streamlined minimalist designs. The classic Movado watch has a plain black dial and one single dot at the twelve o' clock position. Many Movado watches also incorporate gems and precious stones. Both women's Movado watches and men's Movado watches are a stylish wardrobe addition.

Movado Luxury Watches:

  1. Design origins: The Movado name, which means "always in motion," was adopted following the company's founding in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Achille Ditisheim. Movado produced traditionally-styled luxury watches until 1947 when the company introduced its Museum Watch line designed by Nathan George Horwitt. This classic minimal design is the face of men's Movado watches and women's Movado watches today.

  2. Collectors' timepieces: Movado is known for its collector's pieces. Its Artists' Series features a plethora of unique designs by famous artists. Andy Warhol's Times/5 Movado watch is one of the most famous Artists' Series Movado watches. It features five separate watches on a bracelet depicting different New York City cityscapes and it quickly became a favorite for hip world travelers after its launch in 1988. Only 250 were made, however, and in 2006 one sold at auction for $6,000. A limited-edition Movado Museum Collection designed by artist Yaacov Agam sold for $10,925 in 2000.

  3. Modern Movado: Today, Movado offers a wide range of men's watches and women's watches. They continue their Artists' Series with robust talent, including Kenny Scharf, the avant-garde artist who draws inspiration from pop culture. They also offer their classic, minimalist styles in men's and women's watches. Movado offers a wide range of watches in a variety of face sizes, including women's bangle watches, men's classic chronograph styles and sleek diamond and gemstone models.

  4. The message: Movado pushes forward the debate in horology of the concept of time and what it means to the watch wearer. Some Movado model watches are not easy to read, but offer precise and dazzling modern design. Movado has a watch for every consumer and continues to find the balance between form and function.

  5. Gentry series: If you prefer a more traditional watch style, you will appreciate the Movado Gentry Series. Movado Gentry watches have a classic watch face and many feature beautiful leather watchbands. Women's and men's watches are both available in the Movado Gentry line

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