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Mountain Board FAQs

by Staff Writer

Man riding a mountain board

If you're an avid boarder, give mountain boards a try next. Mountain boards are a hybrid of skateboards and snowboards and are designed for riding downhill through forests and meadows. Mountain boarding is a challenging extreme sport, and different types of mountain boards are configured for different riding styles. Whether you're a beginning boarder or an advanced mountain boarder, consider several factors when selecting your mountain board.

Questions about Mountain Boards:

  1. What are the different types of mountain boards?
    You can choose from freestyle, freeride (also known as "all-mountain") and alpine (or carving) boards. Each type of mountain board is designed to best accommodate the impact absorption and maneuvering desired by the different types of mountain boarders.

  2. What types of mountain boards are designed for stunts and tricks?
    Only some styles of mountain boards can accommodate jumps, spins and sharp turns. Freestyle mountain boards are wider and more stable than most other mountain boards and are built primarily for performing tricks and stunts.

  3. What's the best mountain board for beginners?
    Beginning boarders can benefit from a freeride board, which is narrower, flatter and shorter than freestyle and alpine mountain boards, so it offers you more control. You can ride these mountain boards over a variety of terrain. Freeride mountain boards also more commonly have a braking system, which is nice for beginners.

  4. What type of mountain board accessories do I need?
    Most of the accessories needed for mountain boarding are for safety purposes. A helmet should be worn and can be either a full-face or open-face model. Wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads are also usually worn. Padded shorts help protect your hips and tail bone, and protective jackets and vests similar to those worn by BMX riders help protect the torso.

  5. What if I have smaller feet?
    Some mountain boards are designed with F1 bindings and special restraints that can accommodate smaller shoe sizes. This is an important attribute to look for when shopping for a mountain board because you need your feet to fit as tightly as possible in the straps. Ratchet bindings adjust to accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes.

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